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Jun 18, 2009 11:06 PM

Vancouver: Where to buy spotted prawns?

I'll be in Vancouver the weekend of June 27. Just wondering whether spotted prawns are still in season and where I can buy some fresh ones? I read something about them being sold at the fisherman's wharf by False Creek (ie. near Go Fish)... and other posts about purchasing them at Granville Island. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. It should still be in season on Jun 27 barring announcements from the DFO. You can buy it at the Wharf at Granville Island (which is where Go Fish is located) or you can go to T&T or Chinatown for less.

    I have not purchased it at Granville Island wharf, but I hear the best times to go are between 2-6pm when the boats come in.

    1. Yes, like fmed said, you can buy live spot prawns for $12 / lb off False Creek Fisherman's Wharf after 1pm daily. Steve Johansen of Organic Ocean supplies many of the finer restaurants in Vancouver with his spot prawns. Last time I spoke to him, he said the spot prawn season was expected to last until the beginning of July. You can always contact Organic Ocean ( and check that they are still available. On busy weekends, Steve and Frank will sell out of prawns in an hour! So to make sure you get them, best to be there before 2pm.

      And yes, they are cheaper in Chinatown and Asian markets like T&T, but IMHO you can't beat getting them right off the boat! Have a wonderful time in Vancouver and enjoy your prawns!

      False Creek Harbour Authority
      1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

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        Thank you both for the detailed information. I ended up buying the prawns from Steve Johansen of Organic Ocean. I showed up right at 1pm at the wharf and the boat pulled in about 15 mins later. The prawns were so fresh... they were still jumping! This is my first time tasting spot prawns. I was so impressed. They are phenomenal. I'd definitely try to make my way back to Van during spot prawn season in future years. Thanks again for the info!

        1. re: miss.foodie

          I love spots. I was buying prawns a couple of times a week during the season...I am prawned out now.

          1. re: miss.foodie

            So glad you got to try them and meet Steve! (I miss spot prawns...kinda hard to go back to eating regular shrimp/tiger prawns afterwards)