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Jun 18, 2009 09:19 PM

Puerto Rican Pastelas

I am looking for a restaurant that serves Puerto Rican style Pastelas, which is a holiday pork dish made with bannanas and yautía and wrapped in bannana leaves and paper. I live in California and I am only here for the weekend. I am staying in the Bronx but will gladly travel if anyone knows of a good restaurant. I am craving that food!

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  1. Try the cuchifritos stand on East 116th Street. They have pasteles (along with every other Puerto Rican snack you could ever want) and a high turnover so you should be able to get something fresh. If you are downtown, there are plenty of Caribbean options that dot the landscape and serve pasteles, for instance Margon or Taza de Oro.

    1. Ask on the Outer Boroughs board. You should get a number of Bronx recommendations.

      1. The right name is pasteles . I have to say that i only like the ones I make ;-) but Adela sells pasteles all year long (the owner of Casa Adela @ avenue C bet 4th and 5thsts). She does not use plantain leaves though. She sells both masa (the ones yo refer to) and yuca pasteles. They're not bad but a little ciegos (blind, without much meat filling, and she does not put raisins in them, and just a few chickpeas) However they are better that the ones at Cuchifritos and teh rest of the places in Manhattan. There are also several women who sell in the bronx, but this is the Manhattan board...

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          Ilive in Texas, do you have a receipe?????????