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Jun 18, 2009 08:12 PM

we've got salsa, now what?

the boyfriend made some delicious (and painfully hot) tomatillo/ tomato salsa two days ago. And as much as I love using chips as a vehicle for the tomatoey hotness, there's just too much to go through via noshing.

So my friends-- what are your suggestions? We're open to everything creative involving fish or poultry, but I'm not a fan of the 4 legged animals, so sadly you'll have to skip the carnitas recipes.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing about your yummies!

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  1. You have to use chips for this but my husband uses our favorite salsa in guacamole making. You could also use the salsa for making spanish rice. Poured on a slab of cream cheese w/ crackers is good too.

    1. Chicken tortilla soup!

      1. A favorite dish is to pound my chicken thin. Dredge with just some light flour and cayenne, s/p and then and pan saute, then finish in the oven with some salsa on top. I love to top with some grated manchego or your favorite cheese. I serve this over a spicy yellow rice that I have added some olives, green chilies and spices too.

        Puree the salsa for a great dip for chicken skewers. Marinate the skewers in margaritta mix with tequilla and then grill. I make a simple fondu of white cheddar to dip the chicken in with the salsa for a fun simple dinner.

        Pureed also makes a great sauce over a nice firm grilled white fish, cod, haddock, grouper, tilapia, anything available.

        Quesadillas, chicken or fish it is great with. Tacos of course. Breakfast burittos is another great way to use it.

        Also excellent as a topping on soups. Black bean, chick pea, chilies even a beer cheese or cheddar soup. Great of black bean cakes, potato cakes.

        Many uses.

        Just add to some soup bases

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        1. take it in an indian direction, like chicken tikka masala or paneer masala, by adding indian spices, and tempering the spiciness with yogurt after the dish is off the heat.

          also, chick pea curry would be good using your salsa.

          italian direction -- with chunks of chicken sausage, adding olives, capers and oregano, serving over pappardelle or rigatoni.

          soup? add chicken stock, and maybe some more fresh chopped cilantro.

          in a greek direction, with fish, add some ouzo to the salsa, and some fresh shrimp and feta cheese, serve over a white fish filet, alongside some pasta.

          or with fish and shellfish, use the salsa as a base for cioppino.

          or with chicken, go toward an east european stew, adding paprika, then sour cream off the heat, serving with egg noodles, dumplings.

          1. Topping for scrambled eggs or baked potato

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              yeah, i love salsa on fried eggs, too.

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                I'm eating corn tortillas topped with hash browns topped with over medium eggs topped with salsa right now, and typing with my pinkies. I eat it with my hands, tear off a piece of tortilla, and pinch a bite of everything together. easily in my top 5 fave breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack)