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Jun 18, 2009 07:44 PM

[North Sydney] Favorite lunch places in St Leonards / Crow's Nest?

Hey all,

I just moved to a new office in St Leonards (Chandos St & Christie St) and I'm trying to get a handle on the good lunch places within walking distance.

If you have any favorite lunch spots, would you please chime in? Also, would you mind mentioning how much you usually spend when you get lunch there so I can gauge price ranges?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't work in the area so most of the restaurants I've visited are more restaurants than cheap n' cheeful takeaway type places. So the prices are in line accordingly. I eat alot of Asian food so here's a few picks ...

      For Indian try to following:

      * Malabar ... South Indian food, they do great dosai I recall.
      * Nilgiri's ... They do an interesting variety of curries beyond your usual kormas, vindaloos and butter chicken.
      * Qmin ... Lots of people seem to like this place, I prefer the other two above myself.


      * Sea Bay ... Cantonese seafood on Willoughby Rd ... Bit of a Crows Nest institution ... They do yum cha at lunch.
      * Ying's ... Certain star Sydney chefs reckon it's the goods for Cantonese in Crows Nest. They also do yum cha. It's reasonable, but again I haven't been in a while.
      * Szechuan Garden ... Szechuan food obviously.


      * Sakana-ya ... Have only been once many moons ago, but recall it was reasonable and mostly authentic Japanese food.
      * Sushi Counter ... Pricey, but as sushi is made to order, better than your average sushi train.

      And while we're at it, my votes for overall best and worst restaurants in Crows Nest / St Leonards:

      Best: The Burlington ... Matthew Kemp's tidy bistro on Burlington St ... Lovely bistro fare that hops around Western Europe for inspiration. Mains are in the mid-twenties range. Great little wine list too that offers most drops by the glass, half- and full bottle. It'd be my pick for a special work lunch. Or any lunch.

      Worst: Avoid Waqu no matter what ... It's all hype ... Tempura battered sundried tomato sushi rolls, say no more. They do $50 set menus I think, though it's probably gone up. Honorable mention, Green Gourmet ... Asian vegan food blechhhh, maybe my omniverous prejudices are showing, but the one time I went it was pretty awful.

      1. While I don't work in the area, I do live here, so I know more about their dinner prices and weekend lunch options. Many restaurants in the area do weekday lunch specials though.

        St Leonards:
        Bazzar Beer Cafe- good food, stick to the more traditional dishes
        The Moody Chef- haven't had their lunch, but their brekkie and brownies are very tasty
        Adam's Kebab- cheap and cheerful- better than the kebab place in the Forum courtyard
        (on Pacific Highway across from the Forum courtyard main entrance)
        Ace Noodles- not the best Asian food, but it's a great value for money.
        (other side of the park on Christie St, next to the Forum residential entrance)
        Gilroy's Hotel- decent pub food- don't know if they do a weekday lunch though
        (Christie St & Atchison St)

        Crows Nest:
        Crows Nest Plaza- has a few decent places inside, should be able to get lunch for around $10 (Ramen Sun Sun, Sam's Singapore Laksa House, Himalayan Chargrill
        )Ju-Rin- only been for dinner, but we go often. Otoro Sashimi!!
        Ryo's- best ramen I've had in Sydney, but it's probably too far out for lunch

        I think most of these are on Eatability if you're interested in reviews.

        Hope this helps! If you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer them. :)

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          the sushi at the japanese place under crows nest plaza (i.e. under ramen sun sun) is very good. Most of the places above aren't exactly appropriate for your regular lunch break.

        2. Thanks to everyone for the replies! I can't wait to try em all out. You've all been very helpful.