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Jun 18, 2009 06:33 PM

How much food to make per person in buffet style lunch?

Out of curiosity, how much would one think should be made per person when planning a light lunch buffet style meal for 26 people [counting me and the groom, 18, but somehow I doubt we'll find the time to eat much]?

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    1. The caterer's guide that I use says during a meal period you would serve 4-5 "bites" of appetizers per person per hour. There are other guides for meals with entree's and sides. As a Personal Chef/caterer, I would plan on 1/4 cup per person of a pasta salad or vegetable side, and 1/4 lb per person of an entree.

      If you serve shrimp, all bets are off, and no amount of shrimp per person is too much!

      Tell me what you're serving and I can be more accurtate.

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        ah, well, buffet style: dips[3 or 4 different kinds]/chips/sliced veggies/cheese/crackers/, some pasta salad of some type {either quinoa or couscous methinks}, possibly some savory muffins, hummus/babaganouj/pita/tabbouleh, some bean salad...and some cookies and two kinds of cupcakes for dessert. [typical punch and wine for drinks]...
        I had been thinking to make roughly 1/3-1/4 cup per person of most, about 8 cups of most things--maybe a bit less for the dips and a bit more for the salads. But thought I'd ask people who would know instead of guessing ;)