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Jun 18, 2009 05:45 PM

Trying to ID a vintage Le Creuset

Well, thrift store find, at least - I just purchased a red, round and very flat cast iron grill pan, non stick interior and about 9 inches in diameter, with a removable metal handle. There is a 'spout' on one side, and the 'Le Creuset made in France' logo is clearly cast into the bottom. But I can't seem to find it on the Le Creuset website, nor can I find a mention of this using Google. Can anyone tell me anything about this pan?


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  1. I have several pots and pans by LC that are no longer made, particularly skillets and sauce pans. The Dutch ovens haven't changed much. Is it flame or true red? Most LC from 25 or more years ago in the US was found in flame, and occasionally a mustard gold. True red might put the date a bit later. Not to worry though, since the LC marking will mean it is truly LC.

    What are the handles like? Some of my older pieces, particularly the sauce pans, have round, tubular cast iron handles. Some of the older skillets have wood attached to cast iron (in an attempt to provide a "stay cool" handle, I assume). If your handles are like these, the model is at least 30-35 years old, or more.

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      Flame was the original LC color, but from the late 1950's or early 1960's onward it was offered in several other colors; early ones were turquoise, brown, and pink. I don't think it was offered it red, however, until the 1990's. And I may be wrong, but I associate that mustard or harvest gold color with Descoware--which LC eventually bought out--rather than with LC.

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        I actually remember replacing one of my mother's flame pieces with an exact piece in mustard gold. The store was out of flame, and she wanted the same item, so I believe this was true LC and not Descoware. They may have adopted the color of the Descoware. I think this episode was circa 1978-79 because Mom's piece broke when some friends and I borrowed the pot to cook for a party.

    2. It would help to have a photo. There are many of us who are long time users and a picture would help.

      1. I have a similar LC grill pan with that same distinctive handle, but mine is rectangular and black inside and out. I think I got it when I worked in a kitchen store about 30+ years ago. I use it frequently and it's still going strong.

        1. Thanks for the replies. The pan is true red, not flame, and the handle is a u shaped piece of metal which you press together, then the bottom pieces fit into the pan, into precast holes. Sort of like a camping skillet. I'll try to take a picture of this pan and post it, perhaps that would help.

          Does anyone know if there are websites which have pictures of discontinued Le Creuset pieces? I'm just so very curious about this pan (which I'm planning on using later this week to grill chicken on).

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              That's it exactly! Thanks so much!

          1. I imagine the nonstick interior means that it is not ancient.

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              Miss Priss' observation that true red did not come out until the 90's is also a clue that this is a newer piece.