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Jun 18, 2009 05:41 PM

Artisnal Cheese in Wisc.

Taking a Road trip to visit the in Laws in a Town called Wisconsin Rapids. Landing in Milwaukee and heading up 94 west. And looking to get some great cheese on the way. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Two words: Carr Valley.

    For more info, see this thread:

    And your destination is just a few hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul, hint hint hint...


    1. You could always get the Wisconsin Cheese Map to help guide you on your journey:

      I signed up for mine three+ weeks ago and still have not received my map. They clearly state six to eight weeks for delivery (which feels a lot longer). It may not be of use to you for this trip depending on when you are going.

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        I got my cheese map, though I think it took well over 4 weeks to arrive. Perhaps they've been overwhelmed by the chowhound clamor for their maps. I'm sure yours will arrive eventually.

        In the meantime, this thread (along with is a great resource. I'm so pleased to learn about Fromagination in Madison - to think I was just a block away earlier this month, but didn't know about it! Next time, for sure.


        1. re: AnneInMpls

          I'm on my third map already.... It sure has added to the incentive to come up from Iowa.

      2. All my Wisconsin cheese is purchased at Rybicky's on the third level west side of the Mall of America in Minnesota. :)

        I can't get out of the Mall with any less than 3 or 4 brick varieties of cheese after sampling their little dice sized cubes. I'm a sucker for their aged cheddars.

        1. Looks like you'll be heading through Madison if you are taking 94. If so, there's an artisanal cheese shop right on the capitol square called Fromagination. Pricier than buying direct from the cheesemaker, but you can taste all of it and get great advice from the owner. As far as local cheese goes, I'm partial to Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Carr Valley cheeses, and Bleu Mont bandaged Cheddar. Also worth trying are the various Driftless cheeses.

          Of the Carr cheeses, I really like the Marisa cheese the most.

          Carr has a store in Middleton, which is basically a western suburb of Madison.

          12 S Carroll St, Madison, WI

          Carr Valley Cheese
          2831 Parmenter St # 160, Middleton, WI

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          1. re: TAsunder

            I LOVE Fromagination! Was lucky to be there on opening day and am happy to hear they are still there and hopefully doing well. I remember also tasting the best cheesecake I'd ever tried there - can't remember if it was theirs or a brand they carried. Excellent store.

            While in the area, don't miss the most awesome cheese ever made (& I live in California & have lived in Europe for many years & still love this the best) - Hook's 12 Year Aged Cheddar. Pricey, but oh so good... They are located in Mineral Point, but also sell at the Madison Farmer's Market:


            Hook's Cheese
            Mineral Point, WI, Mineral Point, WI

            1. re: torta basilica

              You can also buy the 12 year hook's at many/most Brennan's stores. They are scattered around the area.