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Jun 18, 2009 05:14 PM

Bar Blanc Bistro

After reading about Bar Blanc on this Board ages ago I finally decided to check it out last night. They have been open about 1 1/2 years and are now Bar Blanc Bistro. I went early for the Sunset Special, 5:30 - 7 pm, half price wines by the glass, draft beer and house cocktails. There was a couple at the bar, three "yelp" girls and three people next to me (thanks again for the conversation and to the gentleman who bought me a glass of wine). I started with a glass of wine. My server (she was exactly the type of server I like when dining alone at the bar) graciously let me taste several wines.

I started with some sides:

*Fries with Dutch fry sauce (not very different then mayo), Indian curry sauce (delicious) and chipotle honey mustard (very good).

*Cauliflower au gratin with gruyere cheese - good (was thinking I could probably make this at home)

Bar Blanc Bistro may be better for meat eaters because the pig's ear sounded interesting and a local wandered in later and got the burger and fries. The burger looked amazing and he looked really happy.

For my entree I had Long Island duck breast with corn puree, De Puy lentils and white wine thyme glaze.

Room was lovely. Only a few tables were full when I left around 8:30 pm. Not sure if I'll go back. Maybe for brunch. It's a great place to dine alone at the bar. If I was a local it would be a regular place for a drink (love the Sunset Special) and a light supper/snack (fries and sauces were very good), maybe to try some of the fish dishes.

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  1. Wow, I was there with a friend last night around 8:30!

    We started off with the petite charcuterie plate (special) and the cheese selection. Both were excellent. To drink, we had an amazing sauvignon/semillon blend. Will call them and ask for the name, as it was a perfect complement to our meal.

    My friend chose the halibut with clams (special), and I had the black cod. The halibut was good, but somewhat of a disappointment. "Clams" meant four clams mixed with a fair amount of scalloped potatoes. The cod was very nice - rich sauce, good portion.

    We finished with the apple crisp for dessert; the added huckleberries coupled with the fromage blanc ice cream were were delicious.

    Loved the ambiance, great decor, will be back again!

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      I have to agree the ambience and decor are great.
      Was there on a Sunday night in May for around 8:30 p.m. and the restaurant was almost empty. Had a lovely salad, not overly exciting but all ingredients were incredibly fresh. We both had the pasta special which was just o.k.

    2. I, too, am a fan of Bar Blanc Bistro, though I find that they have inconsistency among the bartenders. The food, however, has always been stellar. I love their coarse terrine, though I think they have recently swapped hazelnuts for pistachios. The pigs ears are good, not very different from pork rinds.