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Jun 18, 2009 04:43 PM

Westchester value wedding

Hello all. My fiance and I are looking for ideas on where to hold a wedding ceremony and reception for 80-100 people at a reasonable price. We're hopeful to keep the cost around $100 per person and we assume that a restaurant would be the best way to pull this off.

An outdoor space would be nice to hold the ceremony and we're open to a Friday or Saturday night in Westchester.

thanks in advance for any ideas.


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  1. Cortlandt Colonial in Peekskill does a great job for the price. I'm sure you could get a date within that price range. I believe the sons name is Evan (Pretty sure he handles all party venues now). Good luck to you!

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      I also suggest Cortland Colonial. We were married there 9 years ago & George was the best. His son is Evan. The website is You can even go there for dinner if you want to check the place out. Best wishes!

    2. Being "open" to a Friday or Saturday night could be a problem since those are the most popular days to get married. Now if you want to get married in January on a Thursday night you shouldn't have a problem, but seriously in this economy don't be shy of bargaining wherever you decide. The Woman's Club of White Plains is located in the CV Rich Mansion, they may be willing to work with you on the price........ http://www.womansclubofwhiteplains.or...
      allso don't forget when you get your price per head you also have to add on tax and gratuity which can really jack up the price, so whereever you go ask for the bottom line, everything included price.
      Good Luck and Congratulations!!!

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        I also want to recommend Cortlandt Colonial (think it's actually in Cortlandt Manor but very near Peekskill. It was a great value. The ballroom is perfect for 100 (we invited 160 but 109 showed. Also, we got our cake in Peekskill at a great place called Homestyle desserts--people still talk about how good the cake was to this day. You can find out more at

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          I had my wedding at the CV Rich Mansion and it was lovely. Everything was perfectly run and the setting couldn't be beat. I had the ceremony in the back garden and the reception in the ballroom. I thought the food was pretty good, but my wedding was back in 2001 and some other 'Hounders have said less-than-wonderful things about more recent weddings there. Cost was about $72 per head. I provided my own cake (-$3 per person) and also got a discount for having the guests choose their meals ahead of time (also -$3 per person).

          Photos are here if you want to see what a wedding there looks like.

        2. I think Traveler's Rest does a fantastic job and there food is superb. I had a wedding celebration there in November, on a Friday, and the price was reasonable and well worth it. They have a lovely outside garden in the back with a gazebo where a ceremony could take place. Here is their website: