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Jun 18, 2009 04:40 PM

pizza in wykagyl

just tried the (relatively) new pizza place in wykagyl, very good thin crust with a bit of charring on the crust. not great but very good. they are the place next to the bagel store in the back shopping center. they said they have been open about 5 months, long time for me not to have tried it. has anyone else been there?, btw sicilian looked pretty good, but it was late in the day when i was there

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  1. Agree it's not bad, but feel terribly conflicted about betraying Deanna's practically across the street, which has always done a decent job.

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    1. re: addictedtolunch

      no problem for me, never thought much of Deanna's , i will usually go to sal's but definitely not loyal to them. and if pepe's ever does open both will be history in my travels

      1. re: rich51

        I also feel a little bad about Deanna's as I am a regular for the convenience, but I think that Quaker Ridge Pizzeria is a winner especially for thin crust fans. The fresh mozzarella pie (called a margerita) is very good, and the chicken and broccolli rabe paninini is excellent. I am a big fan of the soups, and the salads are very good for a pizza joint. There is a really good chef lurking behind this unassuming newcomer to the neighborhood.

    2. I am in love with this Pizza, and order from there every week. They offer the best whole wheat pizza and if you ask them to make it "extra thin" he will do it for you. Very accommodating. He also used FRESH vegetables - not CANNED like Deanna's. I like FRESH mushrooms on my pizza - nothing is worse than those terrible yellow canned mushrooms that Deanna's uses. We used to be loyal to Deanna's but I felt like they just gave up, stopped trying because there was not competition. Quaker Ridge Pizza does everything to please the customer. I have 100% switched and will never go back to Deanna's!!!!