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Jun 18, 2009 04:39 PM

Manhattan/Westchester value wedding

Hello all. My fiance and I are looking for ideas on where to hold a wedding ceremony and reception for 80-100 people at a reasonable price. We're hopeful to keep the cost around $100 per person and we assume that a restaurant would be the best way to pull this off.

An outdoor space would be nice to hold the ceremony and we're open to a Friday or Saturday night in Manhattan or Westchester.

thanks in advance for any ideas.


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  1. try harvest on hudson in Westchester- Hastings, I think. Or Battery Gardens in Manhattan. Good luck and congratulations!

    1. If you are willing to be VERY dyi, you could try a community garden or other small park space. I know the garden across from my apartment has hosted them in the past either for free or for a very small donation. I also know that they have done weddings in that beautiful little park behind the Jefferson Library in the West Village. It used to be cheap - not sure that's still the case. Of course that would mean getting food, chairs, music equipment, etc., independently, which might be more of a headache than you want. On the other hand, from a Chow perspective, that's way more cash to spend on food if the venue is basically free!

      1. Check out Alger House in the west village. Very reasonably priced, and includes all the wedding set-up and organization you could ever need. Made for a much more fun party than doing it all ourselves.