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Need some direction Philly/Montgomery/Bucks Co. PA

Hi all! I need some opinions, as I don't have a clue where to start.

I just moved to East Norriton in Montgomery County from Atlanta. I work in Philly 2 days a week, in Upper Black Eddy in Bucks County 2 days a week, and another day or so from home.

I need help on the best of's.

Best area burger, dog, pizza, Chinese, inexpensive meal, fast meal.....and of course, best meal in the areas I'll now be frequenting.

I have heard Capone's for it's beer list and burgers, which is only a few miles from my home - I plan on trying it this weekend.

Any other help/recommendations on everything would be appreciated! I know nothing about the area, and all info is appreciated.

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  1. Near upper black eddy, across the bridge in Milford, NJ is the Ship Inn. Great pub, good burger and english pub style food. Well worth the trip. Back on down the delaware, stop at Dilly's corner on the PA side of the Stockton bridge for a good burger and a great "Dilly Dog." On 202 in Buckinham, Candlewyck does a decent burger and has a beer selection almost as good as Capones. In Doylestown Jules Pizza does a great thin crust pizza, with lots of organic ingredients.

    Chinese is tough. Jannie in Warrington is not bad. Some might recommend Abacus in Lansdale for Chinese, or perhaps Han Dynasty in Royersford or Exton. The latter being quite authentic.

    Hope this helps a bit and welcome to the area.

    1. I live down the road in Plymouth Meeting. For great "bar" food - burgers, cheesesteaks - I head to Phil's Tavern on Butler Pike in Broad Axe.

      Bluefin is my goto sushi place - on Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting.

      For a great meal, which I consider inexpensive for what you are getting, try Bocelli's in Lower Gwynedd. It is a BYOB in the Lower Gwynedd train station. Great Italian food in a cute atmosphere. They also have another location in Chestnut Hill.

      Hope that gets you started! And welcome to town!

      1. You'll find some great authentic Mexican in Norristown-- dirt cheap. I tend to go Taqueria Lindo for tacos carnitas or pollo, but they're are probably more gems tucked away in the neighborhood than I know of.

        Great sushi nearby at Blue Fin on Germantown Pike.

        A little further up Germantown Pike, Persian Grill is another personal favorite. Great kebobs and vegetarian.

        Have you tried tomato pie yet? Check out Corropolese Bakery for the local speciality (think pizza without the cheese).

        1. Agree on Capone's, Bluefin, Phils, Bocelli. Nearby in Blue Bell is Allison, great restaurant, more on the high end side but great for a nice dinner of special occasion. Near Phils is Tamarindos, great mexican food, free margaritas, fun atmosphere on weekends - not a taco and burrito joint but more high end dishes, great whole fish.

          1. For recommendations on great sushi in the Montco area: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/590140. Our favorite is East Cuisine in Ambler - they also have great hot entrees.

            I second Phil's tavern and Tamarindos. We also like El Serape at the intersection of 202 and 73.

            DH and I really like breakfasts at Blue Bell Diner on 73 near 202, other people disagree but it is always packed and they asked the township recently for a permit to expand.

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              Agree with Phils, El Sarape. IMO the only redeeming quality of Tamarinos are the free margaritas.

              Would also throw in the Whitpain Tavern for very good pub food (and some items you wouldn't expect at that type of bar) and Sushikazu for sushi.

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                Hey mitchh, agree completely with Whitpain Tavern. Excellent spot, great chicken salad.

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                  I would highly recommend going there for breakfast/brunch on Saturday or Sunday morning. Their breakfast offerings are much better than any of the abysmal diners in the area.

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                    mitchh - I'm intrigued by the breakfast/brunch at Whitpain. Do you know what hours they serve it? Is it standard bfast fare? I can't seem to find a menu online for them.

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                      I'm not 100% certain what time they open Saturday, but I believe that they start brunch on Sunday at 10:00.

                      Yes, it's standard fare. Their pancakes are phenomenal as are their eggs benedict.

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                  We had lunch at Tamarindo's last week and we left completely underwhelmed!

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                  Ooh - how could I forget El Sarape - great margaritas. Some argue a little expensive but I always enjoy my dinners there.

                  I went to Blue Horse last night for cocktails and munchies. I really enjoy their bar menu - becoming a new favorite happy hour spot.

                  And, my favorite for wings - PJ's on 202 in Blue Bell. Also another great burger and beer place!

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                    Since Betharu brought up wings I should mention the Drafting Room. Great wings and if you like heat, their inferno sauce is a great choice.

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                      Yes, the Drafting Room is great and since the original poster mentioned the beer list at Capone's, this is another local spot with a great beer list. Not as big a bottle selection as Capone's but a great selection on tap.

                4. i agree with with Amblergirl that Alison at Blue Bell is a great choice. She obviously hasn't been there in awhile however...it is is not a special occasion place! It is BYOB with no corkage fee,and they offer a $30 3 course prix fixe Tuesday-Friday with outdoor dining! The food is awesome - definitly a place you should try and are sure to love!

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                    Wow, I have not been to Alison since I heard they got a liquor license, I'm glad to hear they allow BYOB. The fixed price menu sounds great, I might need to head over there soon!

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                      We are pretty fortunate in this area to have some great restaurants - one of the reasons I stayed in this area when buying a house.

                      We haven't even touched on Skippack - Brassiere 73 my favorite or Ambler.

                      Hearing so many great things about the new wine bar in Ambler - it is next on my list to try out.

                  2. Hi Marni94. Welcome to PA. As you will see by thre replies there are lots of great places to eat in PA. I write a blog about Bucks Co and have created a few Best of Bucks Top 5 lists that may help you depending upon what you are looking for. I have used Chowhounds for some of the recommendations but have visited these places myself. Check the blog and let me know what you want more info about. Good luck and happy eating. http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

                    1. I agree with most of the replies. Best sushi is definitely Blue Fin. I like Taqueria la Michoucana on Main St. I usually do Abacus for chinese. I would go to Majolica in Phoenixville for a fantastic meal. 3 course prix fixed for 25 bucks. I haven't been dissapointed yet. I think that most of the places in skippack are overpriced. Went to the hotel recently and spent too much money for a sub par meal. Not worth it. For a good hoagie I like to go to Taluto's. Padrino's has good pizza and cheesesteaks. Osteria on Germantown Pike has pretty good italian. They have some good specials at the bar during the week.

                      1. Looks like you re getting good recs for the burbs - where in Phila are your 2 days spent?

                        1. Hi All, thanks for all the responses! As for where in Philly I sepnd my two days, it's now more like 3-4 of them, and I'm in Center City around the Jeweler's Row area. I call East Norriton home right now. I need help with one more big one - bagels, lox and cream cheese??? Went a bagel place and was told they don't sell lox, but I can order it. I need someplace that has quality bagels and lox, so I can buy 1/4 lb on a late Sunday morning... Thanks all for your great recs - I'm hungrily working my way thru them! Capone's - great beer list, Blue Bell diner - great breakfast special and pretty decent dinners so far, Whitpain - not my fave - no Sunday ticket package for out of towners to watch out of area games and really high prices, Blufin - YUM!

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                            For bagels and lox I highly recommend Pumpernicks in North Wales. I live in Lafayette Hill where there is a branch of Hymies deli (a main line institution). I would only go there in a pinch, because I dont like their standard of cleanliness there. I do buy nova regularly at The Market at Lafayette Hill, a small gourmet supermarket on Germantown Pike.

                            Aman's in East Norriton is a very good Indian Restaurant. The Lee's hoagie house is very good for Hoagies and cheesesteaks as is Pudges.

                            You work in my neck of the woods. May I highly recommend to you the following in the Jewelers row area:
                            Tampopo for delicious Japanese rice bowls
                            Lores for morning coffee and for chocolate of course