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Jun 18, 2009 03:56 PM

Olive Branch ..West Chester

We saw that a new place in town opened up so we figured we would check it out . Seems like the main business is Tapas for lunch and dinner .....we were there at breakfast so tapas was not in order , had a really good waffle , Bon had eggs with cheddar ....all was really good ..real strong coffee ...tapas menu looked good ..pretty good chance we will go this weekend for lunch or early dinner ...lets go Chowhounders .....why do we live in the burbs and trek into the city for meals , people are rolling the dice in a tough economy and opening places with different food ...right in our backyard ...lets support them

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  1. I hadn't heard about this place -- where is it, exactly? I'd much rather dine locally than trek into Philly.

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      I haven't been, but it's between Ryan's Pub and The Mediteranean

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        thanks for answering keby ...I should have included that in my post

    2. Ok so we finally made it back for dinner ...we ate Tapas style ...we had the short rib , pork tenderloins , gnocci and the special of the night lobster mac and cheese....The short rib and the pork were quite good , the gnocci was pretty bland ...the lobster mac and cheese was extremely good ...Lobster was cooked perfectly and the dish was seasoned perfectly ....we both enjoyed our meal however we thought it was a little expensive for what we got ....we will for sure be back for breakfast .....will go back for dinner just not as often as we thought we might ....

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        What exactly is a little expensive & how small/large were the portions??