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Jun 18, 2009 03:51 PM

Breakfast in Portland/Vancouver?

I always used to eat breakfast at the Rose City Cafe in the Portland airport when I visit my parents but my mom just told me that Beaches will be moving into their space next month. What places would you recommend? (I love french toast, pancakes, and tasty link sausage). This would have to be convenient on the way to Vancouver/Battle Ground, WA. Thanks!

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  1. dinami, this is an easy choice. Gravy, on N. Mississippi Avenue.

    Gravy is not far from Exit 303 northbound on Interstate 5. (You can also get there from I-5 southbound.) If you are going there from I-5 northbound, cross over the freeway on N Going Street, as if going (no pun intended) to Swan Island. Take the first significant left (southbound) onto N. Interstate Avenue (highway 99W), then left (eastbound) at the next corner (N. Skidmore Street) to cross back over the freeway again. The third street on your right after crossing over the freeway is N. Mississippi: turn right (south), and Gravy is two blocks down the street. On-street parking is usually easy, and free. My directions read more difficult than gettting there is, as you will see if you look it up on Google Maps.

    As for the restaurant itself, the food is excellent, the portions are huge, and the service is perky. The atmosphere is as pure, distilled, Essence of Portland as you will find anywhere in the area.

    1. Hello,
      Just wanted to clarify your comment on Rose City Cafe. Yes, beaches is taking over on July 2nd, but we will continue to serve breakfast just like before. In fact, it will stay Rose City Cafe until January 1st. At that time we will remodel it into a Beaches, which includes staying open for breakfast & keepingt he Sushi bar after we reopen. Hopw you still; come out for Breakfast!!
      Mark Matthias
      Owner of Beaches

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        That's so great to hear!!! Hope you keep the recipe for their sausage and french toast! :)

      2. Fleur De Lis bakery at 3930 NE Hancock St.
        They have a cinnamon roll french toast on their breakfast menu. It is lovely...not sure if they have any link sausage but they have a variety of other breakfast goods (sweet and savory).