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Jun 18, 2009 03:38 PM

Bussaco lately?

Considering another visit to Bussaco. We were mostly pleased with our meal our first time there, but that was a few months back and the menu is quite different now. Any high or low points to be aware of? Those battered artichokes sound good, and I'm curious about the cavatelli...

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. Did you go?

    No one else? Well, we are planning to bring some friends there this coming Friday so I'll report back. We also haven't been since the winter, it was right after restaurant week and they still had the prix fix which apparently they now have but not on Fri/Sat. It was a great value and we really enjoyed the ambiance and food.

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      We did return Friday night, with another couple, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. Service was great. I started with the grilled calamari salad which was not exactly what I expected but delicious---thin rings of grilled calamari tossed with arugula and chorizo, a very large portion which I shared with my spouse. Our friends shared the moules frites as an appetizer--I didn't taste the mussels but they said they were wonderful. The fries were great! Then two of our party had the buttermilk fried chicken with collard greens, chicken was perfectly done---juicy but really crispy on the outside, Huge portion which we both took half of home. Spouse had the scallops and another had the steak, everyone was happy.
      I also really like the configuration of the room here...the tables are large and seperate, many boothlike, so you are not on top of others and your table feels really private.

    2. We didn't end up going - thanks so much for posting about your experience! Although I'm a vegetarian, the fried chicken sounds like a winner for my SO. Thanks!

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        We had a lovely meal at Bussaco last night. Hadn't been there in a while and was surprised to see how much the menu had changed -- for the better, it seems to me. There is greater variety, and definitely more "wallet-friendly" options. It's my understanding that the first chef is gone now -- which doesn't seem to be a problem, as the food was great. We had an unusual and delicious special of goat curry (actually, goat served two ways: a piece of seared loin, served medium rare, and green curry over rice) and excellent moules frites. Service was attentive and the atmosphere relaxed. I'm glad we rediscovered this place.

      2. We dined at Bussaco on Saturday, and loved everything we ate.

        btw, the original chef has been gone for most of the year, if I have understood it correctly.
        The new chef, Kevin Adey, has worked at Le Bernardin, just as the original chef did.
        I am partly quoting what I wrote on my own pages:

        We started with two small dishes:
        -The oysters were fresh and briny and disappeared

        -Heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella cheese,
        herbs and olive oil. Sounds simple, right. Well, it was,
        but it also was the best heirloom tomato salad that I have tasted.

        Main course:
        -Seared tuna with spicy cold noodles and pears. It
        was quite good; the ingredients were super fresh
        and perfectly cooked; the combination of subtle and
        hot flavors with a touch of sweet (in the form of tiny
        pear slices), was a true delight.

        -2006 Chassagne-Montrachet, Domaine Michel Niellon.

        The whole staff was very friendly and very efficient.
        It was clear that they really want their patrons to be
        happy. Mr. Carney, the owner is also the sommelier;
        and seems very nice, although we disagreed a bit over
        his description of a wine we had. I liked the wine more than
        my husband did, but I agreed with my husband.

        We will go back to Bussaco, many times,
        to try out the rest of the menu -and wine list.