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Jun 18, 2009 03:25 PM

MSP -- dog/puppy friendly locations for people-chow

My boyfriend and I are trying to socialize our puppy and need suggestions for cafes, restaurants with patios, etc., that (a) tend to encourage dog owners to show up with furry friends in tow or (b) make it easy to order without having to bring the dog inside (which is probably is a code violation...?). We're in south Minneapolis near the lakes, but can get in the car to hit particularly good places. Help? Where do you bring your dog/puppy when you need something good to eat or drink? Any suggestions helpful.

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  1. I've seen dogs at Sea Salt, Psycho Suzi's, and Town Talk.

    1. The Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun - tons of dogs there. :)


        and an interactive map...

        not on list, I had a meal with my pup at Carol's in Blaine. also the Mill City Farmers Market is a good place to bring em.

        2nd edit: a night out at Nomad.

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          Thanks for these links, so so much! Thanks, all! Keep 'em comin', if there are more.

        2. Psycho Suzi's is great for dogs and they have kick ass deep dish pizza. Bulldog NE can also be good for dogs if it's not too hot out. Really most places with an outdoor patio have been ok with my dog, (small French Bulldog) but his looks get him in most anywhere!

          1. Ngon Bistro's new patio welcomes dogs-- we asked specifically when it first opened since the place is walkable for us.

            Ngon Vietnamese Bistro
            799 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104