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Jun 18, 2009 03:11 PM

Banh mi around Guy-Concordia

Hankering for some Vietnamese sub, I stopped by at Ba-le (2148 Mackay) early noon to inquire about their sandwiches. The bread wasn't ready, a proof that they bake their breads in the premises.

Later the same day, I stopped by to get my fix. Grilled pork ($4) wasn't on the big sign-menu, but the waitress suggested that. I obliged. The bread was great, the fixings were decent, the pork was fantastic. But then again, I've never met a pork sandwich that I didn't like. I am not an expert on this sandwich, it is something I just recently started eating, but I must say I've had better sauce elsewhere. Not sure how authentic this is, but I prefer more mayonnaisey taste in the sandwich (or perhaps I am acting like a whitey). Still the sandwich hit the spot, kindly, especially the pork. I am going to put this place in my rotation, but I wonder if I can do better around this environs. Any takes?

Also, has anyone tried their soups?

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  1. I've included this place into my rotation as well. I've only ever had the grilled beef but i definitely like it. I'll try the pork next time.

    A little more expensive than chinatown but it saves me a trip when i'm studying. Also i find the banh mi are shorter but fatter than the ones in chinatown. Their shape reminds me of an american football.

    I have never tried any other banh mi in the area. I'm also curious if there are any other good ones around.

    1. I just tried the grilled pork banh mi at ba-le and it was equally as delicious as the grilled beef i've had before here. The bread is always good and today was no exception. Thanks for pointing out that they have grilled pork.

      1. wooaah I searched for banh mi in here this morning and this thread didn't appear in the results! Had it I'd have run out to try this place (instead of staking out 3 places near Jean Talon)

        thanks for the heads up!