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Jun 18, 2009 02:37 PM

Where to find Fresh Ricotta in LA for recipe?

I need to find fresh ricotta (that will then be drained for 24 hours) for a recipe. Where can I find high quality fresh ricotta to make gnocchi in LA? I live in the Hancock Park area, but will travel as far west as Santa Monica if necessary.

Thank You!

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  1. Any Italian deli. Bay Cities should have it; Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank definitely has it. Or make your own -- it's not that hard.

    1. Maybe try Tutto Latte Express at 1233 Vine Street between Fountain and Santa Monica.

      1. Beverly Hills Cheese Store. Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.

        1. There's a stand at the Hollywood & Ivar Sunday Farmer's market that has fresh mozzarella and ricotta. The stand is north of Selma on the west side of the street. Sundays 8:30-2.

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            Clarification... the market officially closes at 1:00 but about half of the vendors linger until 1:30.


            Mr Taster

          2. At Mario's in Glendale on Broadway.