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Jun 18, 2009 02:17 PM

Fresh pasta - what's your favorite recipe

There's a fresh homemade pasta store that just opened up near my house. I'd like to buy some and cook it tonight, but haven't ever cooked with fresh pasta before. I'm thinking this deserves a nice recipe. What's your favorite? (Oh, and this is very important- my boyfriend gave in to pasta after a week of me talking about this new store, and he doesn't like pasta. But I want to convince him that it's delicious.) Thanks for your help!

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  1. My favorite is to saute some garlic and onions in a little olive oil, add some kalamata olives, some fresh tomatoes diced ... if not a good diced canned tomato is fine, fresh basil, a little white wine and s/p. Top with fresh grated parm.

    The other is a simple shallot, pancetta pan sauteed, added some good olive oil, fresh basil and white wine and some sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. Toss with fresh arugula and then top with fresh pecorino romano. Simple and clean

    Now I have tons of good sauces but these are my favorite.

    Fresh grilled scallops in a lemon white wine is great over fresh pasta with fresh spinach, lemon and some parsley, and a light toss of fresh mushrooms and scallions. Basically no sauce but really good.

    1. I used this recipe as a guideline when I wanted to make a lemon ricotta sauce for fresh pasta. I didn't follow it exactly--I used prosciutto in mine and threw in some grape tomatoes at the end--but it's a good jump-off point for ya. My two cents: no way do you need all that salt in the recipe if you're using grated cheese (I use pecorino romano rather than parmesan, but both give you plenty of saltiness). Other tip: save some of the pasta water and add it back to the ricotta mixture. Peas are another tasty addition. Good luck with converting your beau. :)

      1. on monday we bought fresh linguine and tossed it with some nice shrimp in an oil/butter/garlic/lemon/shallot/parsley sauce. a summery chopped tomato/basil/etc sauce goes mighty well with shrimp and fresh pasta too. but then, i love shrimp and pasta.

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        1. Pasta with porcini and simply dressed with olive oil and grated or shaved parmesan is lovely. And good for your boyfriend for agreeing to give it a try but ( and this is meant nicely) don't take it to heart if he doesn't like it. We all have our tastes. Maybe he's never had a nice fresh pasta but if he doesn't like it, he doesn't and it may stay that way despite your best efforts to produce a beautiful meal. Good luck with it and I hope it works out!

          1. pappardelle with cioppino. mmm, good.
            (pappardelle: ).

            another favorite: ouzo-laced tomato, shrimp & feta sauce with linguine.

            ps, i didn't know people existed who don't like pasta. ;-).