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Jun 18, 2009 02:15 PM

Bocce & Italian Dinner ?

I'm looking for a place in the Boston/MetwroWest area to have a Bocce event and then a good Italian dinner for a visiting business group of 8.

Yerardi's in Newton used to offer both but I hear they're closed. I'm trying to book with Parks & rec folks in the North End, but they don't reserve the public bocce courts. I'm working on the indoor cours at Steriti Rink as it would be easy to stroll to the North End for dinner.

One option is behind the Sons of Italy in Watertown.

Anyone know of any facilities in the area that might cover Bocce and Italian food in one stop ? I'd like to stay within a 15 mile radius of Natick where the group is staying.

Thanks !!

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  1. Not a real Bocce court, but you could always play on the greenway, then hit up any of the 100 or so restaurants in the North End.

    1. The original Bertucci's in Davis Sq Somerville used to have an indoor bocce court, back when it was just that location, before they became a chain. That one's long gone, I don't know whether any of the existing ones have bocce but you could call them to check.

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        I think they are all gone - probably a liability issue. A shame though, it was fun to take kids there when they were younger.