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I have to eat dinner at Fran's - what should I order / avoid at all costs?

Yes, I'm being roped into Fran's on the weekend for dinner; the one on College, if it matters. Any recommendations as to what to order / avoid. Personally, I've only ever been once, to the now-defunct Eglinton location - alcohol played a role in that decision, no doubt.

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  1. I haven't been to one in a long while, but when I have to eat somewhere like Fran's, I stay away from anything remotely fancy-sounding (those things always disappoint), and eat stuff that requires a minimum of "artistry", as you're not going to find any there... So, things like eggs & bacon (not pancakes, tho), BLT sandwich (which I notice they advertise on their menu as "the best in town"), grilled cheese sandwich (keeping in mind you're not going to get some fancy aged cheddar), etc., Apparently, the rice pudding and apple pie have been reviewed well by some (there are even quotes on the menu).

    You may luck out with a knowledgeable server who will give you the inside scoop on what's good; I often ask in such a situation, and sometimes they will open up with "not the ...; stay away from the ..., but the ... is quite good..." Obviously, if he/she tells you everything is good, then go with simplicity.

    1. I happen to really like their Monte Cristo sandwich!

      1. Get the Grilled Chicken Avocado club with Onion rings. hmmmm...

        1. Oh! Stay away from all the wraps, salads, pastas. Stick to the sandwiches (almost all are good), burgers, and other things that seem "diner like".

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            I haven't been for dinner since they dropped the 'Canadian' sandwich (back bacon, Cdn cheddar and a spicy mayonnaise) - but for brunch the corn beef hash was quite aceptable (OK - greasy, but tastes good).

          2. I have nothing new to add except that Fran's has been repeatedly mentioned in the posting 'Worst in Toronto'. So all I can say is 'GOOD LUCK'!!! and oh! stick to only sandwiches if you have to eat anything!

            1. I agree with the other posters: order the most simple, most basic, most easy to prepare thing and hope that it doesn't come out terrible. Something like a BLT is pretty hard to screw up, and, in the grand scheme of things, can't possibly be that bad.

              1. It's the most horrible, gruesome, abhorrent restaurant in the history of the known universe. Like TO Chowhounds in the know, you should just ask for a glass of water and sneer at the clueless proles who have the misfortune of eating their fetid slop. On the other hand, you could order a sandwich and move on with your evening.

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                1. A place so universally reviled had me checking out their website immediately.

                  I'm guessing their "Sheppard's Pie" is to be avoided. Pretty sure if you can't spell it you can't cook it. lol

                  1. "I have to eat dinner at Fran's - what should I order / avoid at all costs? "


                    1. I agree with lots of the other posters, and only have this advice to offer: fake sick at the last minute and bow out of dinner completely.

                      1. Order a club or the burger if you really want to play it safe. Heck, even the all day breakfast is decent. No, it's not great diner food like you'd see on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but suggesting that the place is near toxic (like some of the other posters are doing) should you order something other than a sandwich somewhat unnecessary . I like to live dangerously when I eat there and I'll order the eggs benny.

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                          Eggs benny with cheese.... no thanks...

                          any place like Fran's its best to go for the club sandwich.

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                            Oh gag. No thanks to the eggs benny. I would just be mad about the travesty placed in front of me, peeved that I wasted money on it, and craving a real eggs benny.

                          2. Oh, but Brain of J, it IS toxic. Last time I had breakfast there, Fran's on College, about four years ago, I got eggs and sausage, and one of the sausage links was completely rancid. Like, putrid. I have never set foot in there since.

                            1. their chili is quite good. i like it better than most places i can find in toronto...

                              1. OP here. Thanks for all the feedback. Just got back from my outing to Fran's. Ordered the basic burger and fries. Didn't look particularly appetizing but what the heck. Put on the ketchup and lettuce (tomato looked ok but didn't put on). Assembled the burger but noticed the bun was somewhat stale. Very well. Proceed to eat the burger with knife and fork. Quality is poor, but marginally edible. Turn my attention to the fries. First few fries taste kinda funny (like the grease was old) but continue to eat because I"m hungry. Finish about half the fries.

                                So to sum up food was pretty bad, though I have to admit I was pre-conditioned to find fault haha.