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Jun 18, 2009 01:26 PM

Scialo Brothers Bakery, Providence

I live in Los Angeles and was on an East Coast road trip, making my way towards Boston. While in Providence, I espied a bakery named Scialo Bros. and stopped in to get some snacks for the road. As soon as I entered, the cakes told me that I had entered a serious bakery.

On the way back to my car I started to eat the cookies and was so impressed that I returned to buy some more to give as gifts to my Boston hosts. I had no idea that I had stumbled into a legendary bakery.

While I was buying more cookies, I learned about Scialo Brother's storied history (open since 1916 at the same location). This prompted me to ask if they still had the original ovens; they said that they did and welcomed my request to take some photos.

Not only let me take photos, but Lois turned on the ovens for me and I was also taken upstairs to see their formidable dough rolling machine and frying area.

Upon leaving, Lois went Italian grandmother on me and sent me packing with more cookies, some biscotti and a couple of slices of bakery pizza.

This place is unbelievable. If you would like to see pictures of the ovens, my photos are posted here:

Scialo Bros. Bakery
Providence, RI, Providence, RI

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  1. Providence is loaded with these old-time bakeries, but Scialo's is definitely at the head of the class. They even got a mention on an episode of Cold Case this past season (part of the episode took place in Providence).

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    1. re: Bob W

      can you give any other recs for old time providence area bakeries?
      still looking for the ultimate Italian bread
      Scialo's is decent
      love the panella at Venda's
      will have to give Buono's a try

    2. They have very nice pastries and pepper sticks, but their bread is so-so. For the best bread in the area, I recommend Buono's Bakery out near the Johnston line.