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Jun 18, 2009 01:00 PM

Hannaford in Saugus

Having never stepped foot in a Hannaford before, is there something I'm missing, or can I keep my shopping habits as they are?

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  1. I have found that Hannafords is different than say Stop and Shop. First, their pricing philosophy for everyday goods is more WalMart than Stop and Shop--by that I mean the prices are low with few sales. Second, their private label brand is unusally good. Third, their stores are really clean; the staff is friendly and all the other good things.

    However, what really distinguishes Hannafords from other supermarkets is that they are very big into organic food whether it be fresh, frozen or packaged. There is a renovated store near me that has more organic food than a nearby health food store (and this store calls themselves a supermarket.. Unfortunately the WalMart pricing model does not apply to the organics. it is kind of expensive.

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      1. re: Bob MacAdoo

        Not yet. They are still renovating the space.

        1. re: Karl S

          The sign up in the window says they open Saturday June 27. It also has the word "bakery" crossed off the sign.

          1. re: Chris VR

            I will welcome them. Market Basket is my foundation for grocery shopping (and the new Chelsea store is even better than the Reading store), with Shaw's and S&S only for certain items on sale or that are unavailable at a lower price at MB. Then there's TJoes and, sometimes, Whole Foods (for certain special things only it carries). Roche Bros is a bit of a schlep from Melrose over to Route 3 (needs to be done on weekdays between rush hours for me), and Hannaford will take its place here.

            We are finally getting some semblance of the level of competition we had locally 20 years ago, when there were Cerretani's and Purity Supreme (and Star was separate from Shaw's) and a couple of other small chains to compete with Shaw's and S&S. Then consolidation left us pretty much with about a third of the number of chains available, and it was pretty sad.

                1. re: drbangha

                  It is betond terrible. I very rarely go there- maybe for the Sunday paper or cat food. I was there on day at 7 am- the first customer- I bought a paper and gave the girl a 10 bill- she did not have change in the register- how is that allowed to happen? And the baggers- don't get me started. They all must have some kind of attention disorder- they will start to bag one order, then go to another aisle, then go to put the Sunday papers together. I asked for paper and plastice one time, and they put the items in a plastic bag, and stuck the plastic bag in a paper bag.! Would rather go to the dentist!

                    1. re: almansa

                      that funny- I prefer johnny's ( talking melrose shaws and johnnies)- their deli is much better than shaw's ( Though I prefer Paces) and they have real meat cutters in the store, so if you do not see what you want, they can get it for you. They also have great specials on meats- I stock up on the boneless chicken when it is on sale. ANd I never have long waits in their check out line. At shaws, it seems to take 10 minutes to get thru, even if I am the only one there. Not crazy about the produce in either- I go to Wilson Farms for that, with trips to Colaruso if I only need a few things.

                      1. re: macca

                        Their deli is better, and the pearl dogs are easier to find. I just find it depressing; everybody looks so sad - the customers, I mean.

                        1. re: almansa

                          There are lots of elderly people who shop there- not sure I ever n oticed the sadness- will have to check it our this weekend. And you are right- I forgot about the Pearl hot dogs in the deli. I stocked up on perdue chicken cutlets a few weeks ago when they had the 5 meats for 19.99.

        2. Depends on the store. Some Hannaford stores are very good, some aren't. The one in Waltham, which unfortuantely is the most convenient for me, is not all that great.

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          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            I shop at the Quincy store and over the last few months have found expired goods on the shelves and in the dairy and cheese cases. I recently returned a bottle of BBQ sauce that was expired before I bought it (there was a sticker covering the sell by date) and while they returned my money the people at the customer service desk didn't seem at all concerned, even when I mentioned that this was the second time in a month that I had to return something to them. Now I check everything carefully, if I shop there (I've been going to Stop and Shop instead).

            1. re: EmmaFrances

              Well, I don't think I've ever encountered a store where this was not an issue, and the reactions are all similar. Not just for packaged goods but for perishables. Shaw's is particularly egregious in this regard, but S&S, Whole Foods, MB, RB all have this issue.

              And BBQ sauce, with all that vinegar and sugar, probably has no authentic expiration date. A lot of things are given expiration dates that can be safely used for years after said date. For perishables, things are dicier, to be sure. But cheese is by its nature a preserved form of milk, and typically can last for months after expiration (if its a semifirm or firm cheese, less so for "fresh" cheeses).

            2. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              I would certainly check it out, based on good experiences with Hannaford in VT/Maine and the Virginia area. In particular they normally carry some latino products which local chains either do not or charge a huge markup (for instance Herdez) such as at Stop and Shop. That said I had high hopes when they took over the Victory in Waltham, a heavily latino neighborhood, only to see them offer a lesser selection than Victory which was already fairly weak. And I can get Herdez products in other stores, although not the full line (Building19 of all places sometimes has some products which the bodegas do not have). So I'll check it out, but with guarded expectations after the Waltham store.

            3. Where is the Hannaford in Saugus? I know there's one in West Peabody, I've been there and agree with jayjay. We shop at the one in Shelburne VT when we're there which is where we were introduced to the store years ago. It would be nice to have one nearby for stuff you can't find elsewhere. (As if I need yet another stop on the shopping tour.)

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              1. re: Gio

                It's in the former Wild Oats space on Rt 1S.

                  1. re: almansa

                    Thanks almansa.... I think that's going to be a plus for the area..

                    1. re: almansa

                      Thankfully this is the Walnut Street exit so when you leave you can get on 1N or 1S and don't have to do a huge loop like you do for many Rt. 1 businesses. Walnut street also has shortcuts to Wakefield and Lynnfield.

                  2. I really wish the Hannafords around here would implement the Clynk system like the ones in Maine. That thing rules.

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                    1. re: rknrll

                      For those (like me) who have no idea what you are talking about :)