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Jun 18, 2009 12:40 PM

Duckworth's? Really?

Having seen their food score of 29 in the recent Zagat, I had to look them up. The menu reads like either a throwback to the 1970's: scallops baked with mornay sauce, or just suburban bistro: "bell & evans" chicken with mashed potatoes, or crispy polenta with grilled portobello mushroom. Is this one of those places with a deceptive menu, but when the food arrives you're blown away? Granted, Zagat is a better determiner of the dining public than a restaurant's actual quality. It says more about who fills out the survey in any particular year. But I really want this Duckworth's Bistrot to be the real deal, cause I'd like to drive in a different direction now and again.

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  1. 29? Really? I've never heard of anyplace on Zagat's getting more than a 27. Having said that, I have heard from more than a couple of people that this place is pretty amazing. I really want to try it this summer, though it's so tough to get beyond the seafood shacks up there.

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      It got a 29, but it didn't "count," since it didn't receive enough votes this time around. There were some 28's this year, and a bunch of 27's. 29's are rare, but happen occasionally: The Inn at Little Washington, Erna's Elderberry House in California, Ambria in Chicago, Blantyre in Lenox and others have gotten them at some point.

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        Company of the Cauldron on Nantucket got a 28 this year...

    2. I would temper the enthusiasm re the 29 regardless of the number of votes. There isn't alot of competition for " fine dining" on Cape Ann and of the 2 ( or maybe 3) places ( Franklin and some would say My Place by the Sea ) Duckworth is up there But imho it's a skewed scale . We like it tho at one point were bored with the yes very traditional menu. They started a " specials" menu a few months back that provides more interesting choices and was quite welcomed . Its good honest cooking, more creative of late, nice sometimes harried service and its small. Good wine list.and you can get most anything on the menu in half portions to tempt the table and try alot. For non shack places it is our #1 or #2 ( of 1 or 2 choices) But a 29? Its no O Ya

      1. I'd give it a 24 in Zagat-speak. An nice oasis in a foodie desert.

        1. we had a company Christmas shindig there a couple of years ago, and I was not overly impressed with the food. I had a basic grilled salmon (overcooked), sides were very standard potatoes and veg. Just meh. I understand it was a group function, could have been better.

          1. You should go, words sometimes can't adequetly describe a menu, that quality of the food or the taste. The place is excellent.