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Jun 18, 2009 12:35 PM

Need a Jack's Bistro-like restaurant

My husband and I are huge fans of Jack's Bistro. It's our favorite restaurant in the whole world. We wanted to have our 5 year wedding anniversary dinner there, but they are closed for a private party. Since we already have a sitter arranged for that night and they can't change their plans, we need to find an alternative.

Any suggestions in the Baltimore area? We didn't love Salt the last time we were there.

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  1. Have you considered Pete's Inn or Henninger's Tavern?

    1. Well, a five-year anniversary is quite special. If you can afford it (and many can't in this crazy economy), go to Charleston for a very "gourmet-type" celebrational dinner.

      I haven't as yet been to Jack's and am champing at the bit to go. Have only seen very favorable comments.

      You appear to be quite young and "hip" (oooh, did I use that word?!). Perhaps you and your hubby would enjoy Woodberry Kitchen. Search the board. The Chowhounds seem to always give it a very positive recommendation. Another venue I'm striving to get to.

      In any event, Happy Anniversary--and many, many more. It's about your love, not the restaurant. FoiGras

      1. Since Jack's prides itself on being a "sous vide" restaurant, are you looking for a restaurant in Baltimore that utilizes a lot of sous vide cooking methods? Or perhaps a more "cutting edge" approach?

        If so, it doesn't seem that there are many restaurants in Baltimore that would fit the bill. I know some menu items at Woodberry Kitchen are cooked sous vide and am guessing that Christian Delutis' presence at Dogwood will bring some cutting edge techniques but does that fit your bill?

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            would you go to the chameleon cafe for your five-year anniversary dinner? come on!!!!

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            Not in Bmore but have you been to The Rumor Mill in Ellicott City? The chef/owner, Matthew, is a big sous vide fan and does some amazing dishes.

          3. If you like Jack's for the foodie angle, I went to Cinghale recently for the first time and was very, very impressed. Excellent service, excellent food. It is "more special" than Pete's or Henninger's (I like both, but would not consider them to be 5-year anniversary locations). They have surprisingly reasonable prix fixe deals these days in response to the economic downturn. And it was less formal than I had expected.

            1. Peter's is my fave, but if you've tried that then maybe take a look at Abacrombie or the retooled Corks