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Jun 18, 2009 12:31 PM

Frozen Costco Appetizers?

I’m hosting a cocktail party for about 100 people and want to off-set some of the catering charges. I was thinking of picking up some frozen appetizers at Costco and having the wait-staff heat and serve these. Any recommendations to please a crowd?

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  1. not quite an appetizer, but I really like the frozen cream puffs you get in a plastic box at costco

    1. We've done many a party with appetizers from Costco and gotten raves. If the things are properly heated, no one will know that's where they came from!

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      1. re: Gypsyfish

        I buy their mini quiche assortment in a pinch.
        They are good.
        Have tried a couple of others, but would not repeat.

      2. I had some great lobster and shrimp appetizers at Xmas. Really good.

        1. Might I suggest M & M Meats? They make frozen but fully cooked mini chicken kabobs on skewers that are yummy - I think I served the mediterranean marinated ones. Good value. Their bacon wrapped scallops were also a hit the last time I served them.

          1. I have served their spanakopitas, petite quiches and Mexican platter (includes empanadas, taquitos and mini tacos) as appetizers on several occasions.