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Jun 18, 2009 12:11 PM


Ok, we've gotten down to 3 grills to choose from-the CHAR-BROIL RED ($450) vs the WEBER GENESIS E 320($700-we were hoping to spend less) vs the WEBER SPIRIT E-310 ($ 499).

We were set to get the Spirit E-310 until we saw the most recent Consumer Reports rating, where it was not even listed(and the E-210 only received a 68 rating). We've always heard good things about Webers, but when we saw that the Char-Broil received an 81 rating (out of a possible 100, with the highest score being an 86 which was received by the Genesis), we began thinking in that direction.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Is the Genesis good enough to warrant a $200 price difference?

There were 2 Char Broils in the store- both Char-Broil Reds, but with a $150 difference. Does anyone know the difference? The people at the the store did not, nor did the brochure.

The grill will be used for 2 people mostly, but up to 15 or so for summertime barbeques. Nothing fance-just hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, meats, fish etc.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for the help.


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  1. WOW, it only took two years for a response!

    CharBroil infrared grills are really cool. I own a Quantum myself. They allow you to sear meat very easily, then turn down the heat, (or move to a lower temp side of the grill), to finish the cooking.

    While a Weber grill can sear meat, it needs MUCH more pre-heating time to accomplish the same thing, using up more propane and valuable time. But for lower temperature cooking, the results will be identical to the CharBroil, (or any other brand for that matter).

    The biggest difference between Weber grills and the common retail store competition is the 302 series stainless steel used on the higher end Webers. Typically you will find 302 series stainless steel used in gas BBQ grills found at BBQ specialty shops, and in "design center" stores. They generally don't cook any better than a less expensive grill with comparible Btu output and features, but they won't rust out as fast. You pay more for a Weber because the stainless steel parts won't rust. The lower end Weber grills that use enameled steel and porcelain coated cast iron grates will rust apart like any other grill that costs half as much.

    The CharBroil grills are marketed towards the mass market crowd. The top end RED, Quantum, and Commercial grills are manufactured with 400 series stainless steel. While 400 series stainless steel looks nice in the store, it requires regular and dedicated maintenance to keep it from rusting away at your home. It will rust, especially the cooking grates, if they are not properly seasoned and kept maintained. However, the Charbroil infrared grills can easily attain high heat and sear meat at temperatures from 600F to 800F degrees, similar to a professional chef's salamander broiling oven.