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Sex on a plate

Okay, Chowhounds, don't fail me now! I'm looking for a selection of what I would call "sex on a plate": anything that is absolutely orgasmically delicious and can be found in a restaurant in Montreal. Mostly I am looking for sweet things, so cakes, pastries, desserts, chocolates, what have you are all welcome suggestions.

BUT, if you can name one absolutely orgasmic menu item at your favourite restaurant that people MUST try, that would also be awesome.


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  1. My foodiness extends mostly to sweet things so this is my alley.

    A) Juliette & Chocolat: Some will argue that this has gone mainstream and is overrated. BS. It is popular for a reason. Their crepes with white chocolate is amazing. (I remember dealing with a break-up by placing two orders of it; stacking them on top of each other and finishing it with a brownie. I'm fairly certain it brought me on the verge of diabetes that day but....worth it).

    1. I'm not big into sweets usually but the pain perdu at Lemeac is really amazing. So huge and delicious! I want one right now!

      Though i do love white chocolate and now i want a crepe with white chocolate as described in the post above!

      1. Desserts at Pop! (or Laloux). Still as good, even without Patrice Demers...

        Lately I've had the "Orange spice cake, Araguani chocolate cream, roasted hazelnuts", which is one of the best dessert I've had in Montreal.

        1. It's not upscale, but about once a year I crave the Chocolate Fantasy pie at Rockaberry. Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, strawberries and whipped cream. And come on, the name! They also have a "regular" Fantasy with vanilla mousse instead of chocolate, but if you're going to have a Fantasy, I say go all the way.

          1. About a year ago I had an amazing hazelnut ice cream at Ferreira Cafe. It was a small scoop that was served as a garnish to a mundane dessert I really disliked. It saved the day.

            1. Sweet stuff:
              - The red velvet cupcake at Les Glaceurs on St. Sulpice in Old Montreal.
              - Chocolate babka and/or flaky rugelach from Cheskie's bakery on Bernard in Outremont
              - Mascarpone and chocolate mousse at Cafe Olimpico on St. Viateur in Mile-End (I don't know who does their desserts but they belong in the Order of Canada, seriously)
              - Japanese cheesecake at Boulangerie Harmonie on rue de la Gauchetiere in Chinatown
              - Special chocolate layer cake from Java U (had this at least 5 yrs ago, can't recall the name of the cake sadly)

              Non-sweet favorites:
              - Rare hamburger at Mr. Steer on Ste. Catherine near Peel
              - Potato knishes from Dirty Bakery on Samson in Chomedey
              - Kibbeh nayeh at Daou in Ville St-Laurent
              - Beef goulash-in-potato-pancake at Cracovie near Cote-des-Neiges
              - Potato placki (dumplings) in goulash at Batory Euro-Deli on St. Viateur in Mile-End
              - Authentic Montreal french fries (prime example: Chien-Chaud Victoire on Beaver Hall, near Square Victoria)

              Hmm, my recent high-cholesterol diagnosis is suddenly making sense...

              1. The foie gras/mushroom creme brulee at Christophe.

                Restaurant Christophe
                1187 Av Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V1K1, CA

                1. I was at Osaka last night and the sushi chef gave me a bonus of amaebi (raw sweet shrimp) and it was to die for!

                  it's not on the menu though

                  they also have the best ikura

                  1. To add to anachemia's solid calls:

                    chocolate tarte from L'Express (order an Amaretto along with it...heaven!)
                    strawberry rhubarb crumb pie from Rockaberry
                    chocolate babka from Cheskie's(good enough to mention twice :D )
                    deep-fried mars bar from Garde Manger
                    Beaver Tails
                    pain au chocolat from Le Gascogne or Premiere Moisson

                    the broiled red snapper from Tri Express(it will blow your mind)
                    cromesquis de foie gras from Au Pied De Cochon(THE one-bite mouthgasm!)
                    crabcakes from Milos(hands-down what a GOOD crabcake SHOULD be..mmmmm)

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                      I second the cromesquis at PDC. One is never enough !

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                        On the same plate, I would like a mini pain perdu from Leméac, an almond tart from Vasco de Gamas, and 2 fleur de sel caramel chocolates from le Maître Chocolatier,
                        maybe I would add a piece of chocolate coated sponge toffee from Chloé.

                        Nothing salted can compete with my sweets. I'm the type of person who orders the
                        lightest main meal in anticipation for dessert.

                    2. The caramel-sea salt ice cream at Meu-Meu on St. Denis.

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                        Oh man. You are not kidding. I've been pining for it since I last had it. I didn't get to go to Meu Meu at all last summer, and the summer before that I went once and they didn't have it. Sigh. Other ice creams that are to-die for are the burnt maple caramel at Havre aux Glaces, the pistachio gelato and lemon granita at Roberto's, and the maple taffy at Bilboquet.

                        • pouding chomeur at Au Pied De Cochon
                        • chocolate covered baklava from Picadilly Bakery
                        • pain perdu at Leméac

                        • suckling pig risotto with foie gras shavings at Club Chasse & Peche

                      2. It's better in a glass than on a plate, but the Aphrodisiaque at Dieu du Ciel - that's a cocoa and vanilla stout - is pretty amazing.