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Jun 18, 2009 12:03 PM

Vancouver: Canning supplies


Does anyone know where I can get canning supplies in Vancouver? I have some Bernadin jars but need new snap lids, and am also looking for 'no sugar needed' pectin. Thanks!

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  1. You can usually get that gear at Canadian Tire and even Safeway (I think Safeway brings more out in August but I think you can buy the lids and pectin now).

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    1. re: beggsy

      If it's bulk you want try wellscan

      Superstore has the best prices on small quantities of ordinary rings/tops.

      1. re: beggsy

        Canadian Tire had a huge selection yesterday.

      2. I don't really do much canning, though I've made a pickle or two. I get my supplies (lids and jars) from the Home Hardware in my 'hood. I don't think they have pectin - but I know you can get this elsewhere quite easily.

        1. Thanks everyone! I managed to find a good selection (including the 'no sugar needed' pectin) at the IGA on Broadway and Arbutus.