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Jun 18, 2009 11:56 AM

Fun place for cocktails and apps in Boulder, CO?

My friend is getting married in Boulder in Septemeber and I'm hoping to organize drinks and apps for a group of 7-10. I went to college in Boulder but haven't lived there in ten years so I'm not hip to what's new. Any suggestions?

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  1. First of all, this should be moved to the Southwest Board which includes CO.

    But nonetheless I would suggest the Med or the Kitchen having enjoyed both. I also enjoyed
    the bar at the St. Julien Hotel. Have a great time!

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      Brasserie Ten Ten across from the Med is a good coice. Arugula (former Laudisio's loocation) has great apps and an elegant, stylish atmosphere, while Laudisio's (no longer at 28th & Iris but in the new-to-you 29th Street shopping area, where Crossroads Mall was once located) as a nice, covered patio w/ a partial Flatirons view. If you're looking for casual, try the West End Tavern's rooftop (view now partially blocked by taller bldg just to the west). Terra on Pearl might be open by then in the former Tom's Tavern location; don't know whether they'll be doing good apps.