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Jun 18, 2009 11:33 AM

Paris upstarts/hidden gems

I have had the good fortune to go to a few of the big-name Paris restaurants (Meurice, Le Grand Vefour, Dominique Bouchet) on someone else's euro, but I am soon to be in Paris for a few days on vacation and am hoping to find some more affordable but still excellent places. A friend had mentioned Chez Julien, which I haven't seen mentioned much on this board. Any other suggestions for great places that are new on the scene and/or undiscovered? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I am not a fan of the Costes conglomerate, but may try their makeover of Thoumieux. As with all their places, it won't be bad, and it will be pricey.

    1. I am not sure about the "Chez" part but Julien is an old art deco bistro that is now part of the Flo group. The interior is a great example of are deco but it gets no mention here because the food is ordinary "chain restaurant" stuff.

      Some excellent reasonably priced places include in no particular order - Fish, Quedubon, les Papilles, Christolphe, and Paul Bert.

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        For some reason, Paul Bert, a block from my apartment, has always disappointed me, maybe my mind set or whatever, but that is what this forum is about.

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          There are several Julien. There's the scenic one you mentioned, indeed belongs to group Flo, and there's one by the Pont Louis Philippe (right bank facing the ile saint-louis) which I believe I heard was sucked into the Ducasse galaxy recently. Also, it's an excellent name (it's mine).

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            Souphie, you can't blame this one on Ducasse, the fault lies with the Costes group. Maybe you have grounds for a defamation suit!

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              Hey, I like BE. Maybe Julien is excellent now.

        2. I'm not sure about undiscovered, but there are many great gastro-bistrots around with great quality:price food ratio and 3 course menus ranging from 30 - 40 euros. However, the atmosphere can be casual and hectic, and many are on the edges of town.

          But if you are looking for great food, some of my favourites are Chez L'Ami Jean (Crazy busy!! So be prepared.) in the 7th, Le Beurre Noisette, L'Os a Moelle, and Jadis, all in the 15th.

          These places can all be quite busy, so you'd do best to make a reservation in advance.