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Jun 18, 2009 11:10 AM


We are heading to Ogunquit in two weeks along with our 1 year old. Can you offer any suggestions on the best places for lobster and what not to miss in Ogunquit? We are there for 3 night and do not mind driving / taking a day trip. We were hoping to have a nice meal on Sunday night and looked at Mc Perkins. Any thoughts?


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  1. Ive been to Ogunquit many times, but not with children.. There is a nice walk from Perkins Cove along the sea coast. starts behind Oarweeds Restaurant and goes for about a mile. And comes out on Shore Drive,near the Sparhawk Motel. Very nice on a warm clear day. The only nice place to eat at night with a nice view would be MC Perkins Cove. A little on the upscale side but for 2 not bad. There is a place on the water called Jackie too's not real upscale but I think is good ( You can check it out.. The best thing to do is check with the hotel desk for there recommendations for places to eat. I'm sure you have a place to stay.. If not I would recommend The Meadowmere Resort. You can check out the place on the Internet.. Good luck I hope this helps you ,,I hope you enjoy your trip. We always do.. Earle Ct.

    1. First, you should do a search on this board for Ogunquit.You will find a lot of suggestions. I live in Ogunquit and recommend MC Perkins Cove-great view and good food.
      For lobster, go to Barnicle Billy's in the Cove- the original place not "Barnicle Billy's etc"
      Sit outside in the back on the deck. The little one can throw crackers to the ducks from the deck. For Breakfast try the Cove Cafe on Shore Road just before you get into Perkins Cove. The Village MArket in Ogunquit Center has nice breakfast items as well as lunch- lobster rolls etc. For very casual try Fisherman's Catch in Wells. Very casual, excellent fried fish, lobsters etc. I do not recommend Jackies Too. The view is nice but the food is disappointing.

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      1. re: emilief

        can we bring our well behaved 1 year old to an early dinner at mc perkins?

        1. re: jsat

          That wouldn't be a problem...I worked in more than a few of those restaurants in Perkins Cove and Ogunquit years ago, and we always had families with children come in. That's the area it is, so I don't think you should feel overly concerned about bringing your child.

          I agree with emilief and her comments, and would throw in two others:
          * I love the Omelet Factory for breakfast on route 1 just north of the center of Ogunquit. Doesn't look like much at all. Fairly small place, but she puts up some great omelets!
          * "Lobster in the Rough" just down the way in York on route 1 for a kid-friendly, "Maine-food" atmosphere. It's outside with picnic tables so make sure the weather's nice. Lot's of room for your 1 year old to run around.

          1. re: obraustin

            I Mc perkins besides Arrows the best these days? We are planning to have a much needed nice sit down meal on Sunday night.

            We are also heading into Kennebunkport on Monday and will stop at that the clam shack. Any other suggestions?

            1. re: jsat

              There's a place right on that main little street called Hurricane. Seemed a little touristy but man, that onion soup was amazing.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                Hurricane's is only in Kennebunkport now. That location has since turned into MC Perkins (years ago) if that is what you are referring to.

                1. re: obraustin

                  Hurricane runs the Port Bakery in Kennebunkport Village and it's pretty good.....Eggs Benedict with Housemade English Muffins.....good soups and sandwiches at lunch....pastries to go.....worth a stop.

                  1. re: obraustin

                    No, jsat mentioned stopping in Kennebunkport Monday so I offered up the suggestion.

              2. re: obraustin

                I can;t believe I didn;t mention the Omelette Factory - I agree- small and inconspicuous but excellent food. Re Lobster in the Rough, my son has taken his kids there and it was pretty bad- food other than lobster. I assume that the lobster is fine but would not recommend ordering anything else there.

              3. re: jsat

                Yes you can- especially if you go early. We have taken our granddaughters there- preschoolers- and it was fine.

            2. What about the sushi place, "Black Sushi House" near the theatre, does it live up to the hype??

              1. I live in Ogunquit. My recommendations are Joshua's (in Wells!) for dinner, Lobster Shack (in Perkins Cove) for lunch, Egg&I for breakfast. In addition, I highly recommend the Beach Plum Lobster at the corner of Rt 1 and Captain Thomas Rd. You can get your lobster cooked there + butter + cracker. You bring accompaniments and eat right there on their picnic tables or go across Rt 1 and make a picnic at the Beach Plum Farm overlooking the ocean.

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                1. re: mmocpi

                  The OP has a CHILD. I understand that children are not welcome at Joshuas.

                  1. re: mmocpi

                    My wife and I travel to Ogunquit quite often and have tried most of the Places that have been listed. We spent another fathers day weekend there and decided to try somewhere we hadn't been before. The Wild blueberry Cafe on Shore Road was the choice. They were having a special, Two 3-course dinners for $50.00. What a pleasant surprise, the food was excellant. My wife raved about the appetizer special, Lobster Salad. We had a pleasant talk with Chef Joe on the way out inviting us back and asking us to look for him in the open kitchen the next time.
                    The next time happened to be for a wonderful breakfast the next morning, with a check on Joe working in the kitchen.

                    1. re: TomHT

                      thank you for all the suggestions. I know I can always count on chowhound. We are still on the fence about MC Perkins. I think they only reason we are still thinking about is the view.

                      Hurricane's looks great!!

                      What about Five O?

                      1. re: jsat

                        Why are you on the fence?? Let me suggest that if you go to MC Perkins Cove that you ask for the bar menu. They do not offer it if you are sitting in the dining room but you can order from it. Great fish tacos, fish and chips, burgers etc. and less expensive than the regular menu. Of course the regular menu is good too.
                        They have lobster mac and cheese and will serve it without the lobster for the child. FIve O gets mixed reviews- haven't been lately so can't opine.

                        1. re: jsat

                          Hurricane's is an excellent choice. Food, service and atmosphere are all in the 5 star area. MC Perkins Cove is all about high price and small servings ( re the bar menu which we had - while sitting at a table). The view is spectacular but we enjoyed it more in previous years when Hurricane was there as well as Kennebunkport. We tried Five O only once and perhaps our timing did not provide the optimum experience but so far I have not had a strong inclination to give it a second try (not yet anyway). Omelette Factory is a great choice for breakfast. It has a special charm. Enjoy the visit, Ogunquit is a special place and we continue to focus our visits there.

                          1. re: feelinpeckish

                            Would be interested to know what exactly you had at MC that was overly expensive and small serving. Have had the fish and chips, fish tacos, lobster roll, and burgers from the bar menu and the portions were more than adequate. Also, the salads are satifying in size as well as taste.

                          2. re: jsat

                            I just came back from Ogunquit, you need to make a reservation for MC Perkins unless you want to sit at the bar. The restaurant is lovely, subdued and casually elegant. I came without kids so I had a different frame of mind. If your 1 year old is well behaved I'm sure it's fine for a table. I definitely WOULD NOT take a 1 year old to sit at the bar to eat. It's simply not practical; the seating is not secure, too many breakables to grab, etc. BTW, the view (part of the reason for going) is not great from the bar.

                            The Omelette Factory is fabulous. A bit of a wait but quite wonderful. If you order one of the MANY oversized omelette suggestions it will come with a slice of sweet quick bread (lemon poppy seed) made on the premises and a half slice of English muffin. My Lorraine omelette, made with bacon, chives and swiss cheese, was delicious! I also heard another patron say the blueberry muffins were not to be missed. We didn't have room in our tummies.

                            We ate at Jackies Too and were quite satisfied with the food, waiter, ambience and view. The halibut stuffed with lobster was yummy.

                            On the drive back home we stopped at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery. Terrific clam chowder and mixed seafood chowder.

                      2. Had lobster and steamies at Ogunquit Lobster Pound in Wells (you can't miss it) and they were fresh and delicious!

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                        1. re: Wiley1

                          Sorry, not in Wells, south of Wells in Ogunquit, of course!

                          1. re: Wiley

                            MC Perkins Cove, Provence, Beachfire, Arrows