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Need a recommended place for a student get-together -- MSP

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I'm organizing a couple of informal lunches for some law students and recent grads. Not expecting a lot of people at each one -- maybe 6 or so.

Am picturing just getting a table and sharing an informal lunch.

Was thinking of Punch on Grand for a St. Paul location. Maybe Brasa which I love, but think that sharing slices of pizza at Punch might work better for this group.

I need a location for a similar gathering in Minneapolis. Somewhere that would be convenient and fun for St. Thomas and U of M students. Was thinking I'd avoid downtown just to keep parking simpler.

Any ideas for my Minneapolis location? (I'm drawing a blank.)

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  1. Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown. Caspian Bistro on University, just east of Dinkytown. Pizza Luce on Franklin in the Seward neighborhood.

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      Very good thoughts. Do these places get crazy busy during lunch or is it possible to snag a table?

      Any other restaurant ideas? Thanks much.

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        I was also going to recommend Caspian Bistro (they have a teensy lot in the back), though it's not as informal as a pizza joint, and it's also a little more expensive. Of the places Brad mentioned, for lunch, I've only been to Luce, and we do make reservations when we have a group. If Luce's location works for you, then there's also Himalayan on Franklin.

        Would any place along Lake Street work or is that just convenient to no one? A La Salsa in Midtown Global Market or Taqueria Los Ocampo's stand alone location on Lake kitty corner to MidGloMo?

        Pagoda in Dinkytown? I don't know about parking, though.


    2. One could try Bewiched Deli or Black Sheep Coal Fied Pizza. in the Warehouse District. I am addicted to the egg salad (made on focaccia, has a touch of harissa and sweet red peppers mized with the eggs) and ham (the ham alone is amazing, but mixed with Brie and the apple mostarda- it really is quite delicious) at Bewiched. At Black Sheep I enjoyed the Sausage, Salami, Onions and cracked green olive pizza. I enjoyed the full flavor of the fennel sausage and the saltiness of green olives was a great counterpoint. It looks like the clam pizza is off the menu. I liked the clams, but it made the pizza sogggy.

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        I'm pretty sure Black Sheep isn't open for lunch yet. I'd love to be wrong on that....

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          You are correct. Thanks for pointing that out. They open at 4:30pm.

      2. Kramarczuk's is fun at lunch. They have parking, cheap, good and interesting food, and lots of tables.