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Jun 18, 2009 10:06 AM

Foodie gift ideas - MSP

Hello again! My two best friends and their husbands are hosting a couples' shower for us in advance of our upcoming wedding. I am looking for host/hostess gifts that both members of the couple will enjoy... and the icing on the cake is that they're both pregnant, so wine gifts are out. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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  1. I would go to the St. Paul Farmers Market and pick up jams and honeys and so forth from there and assemble a basket. Another place to go for packages "local" foodstuffs is Golden Fig on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Chocolates and marshmallows and name it.

    Congrats on your wedding!


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      You can't go wrong with Cooks Of Crocus Hill IMO. They will be able to take care of most of your foodie needs. Cooking lessons sound like an awesome wedding gift to me. For both the bride and groom of course.

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        Thanks, TDQ! I checked out Golden Fig and they can put together a nice basket for me. We're heading over there this weekend. I'm sure our friends will love it!


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          We had houseguest who left us with a golden fig gift certificate - and we've been enjoying spending it immensely. Consider specifically requesting Aunt Maes Walnut banana butter - its like crack.

          Oh, and depending on their delivery timeframe (and how your would be giftees feel about blue cheese - is it cool while pregnant, part of me feels like a no) think aobut asking about the Blues and Brews - Amablu St Pete's blue cheese made with Summit EPA, its killer good if you like blue cheese and beer.

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            Fantastic! I'm sure your friends will love it, too. Everyone who loves food can find something to love at Golden Fig!


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              ooh ooh, i may not know much about women, and even less about pregnancy, but i cant imagine anyone who loves food not liking a Salty Dog chocolate from BT McElrath - available in the blue foils at Golden Fig. Ive heard they have a bar form too but i've yet to actually see them available in the store (though they claim they carry them when not out of stock)

              *done promoting Golden Fig now.

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                or how about those chocolate covered blueberries golden fig carries *drool*

          2. I can not agree more - The Fig rocks! Great place to get some good eats and treats!

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              Just to add to the figgy praise- I lucked out recently and walked into the Golden Fig and was told they were catering the grand opening of the new North Face store across the street- and that I should go over and partake--instant party with great food, and slides of cute mountain climbers! I felt like I should get married just so I could have them cater!