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Jun 18, 2009 09:46 AM

Help!Need caterer in Oak Ridge Tn

Hello Chowhounders,
I am responsible for feeding 100 rowers who are coming to Oak Ridge for 5 nights in July.
Can you recommend a yummy,reasonably priced caterer?

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  1. i know there must be good ones there!

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    1. re: poochie

      One of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville is SoccerTaco (recommended here on Chow). Always fresh and good and they cater. They also have vegetarian portion of their menu and are really good people. Ask for Nellie, their manager.

      A more limited menu, but a Knoxville area classic, is catering by Buddy's BBQ. They do a lot of local festivals and dinners, if you want lots of veggies, I think they can work with you. Their catering site is professional.

      Those are the two that come immediately to mind. I'm sure others will have additional recommendations.

      1. re: shallots

        thanks shallots-i am having trouble finding ones within our budget! I will try the above

      2. re: poochie

        is buddys BBQ as good as it looks?

        1. re: poochie

          Buddies is great. There are stores all over this part of the country, and their drive through section is heavily used because (ahem) some of us would rather buy from them than slow and smoky cook pork at home.
          Their shredded pork is their most loved....they include enough of the dark exterior that you know its really smoked and its moist but never greasy.
          And they serve their sauce onthe side, which I consider essential because not everyone loves a sweet sauce, a chili rich sauce, a vinegary sauce....many different BBQs out there, each with a different sauce, and Buddy's honors that.

          Something else you might want to do is contact one of the local grocery stores. When I've had to do breakfasts for morning things, I've ordered fruit plates and sweet roll plates (for frugality). Kroger's, Food City, Ingals are three local grocery stores that have in store delis, and who could come up with cold dishes that could be finger food. (Fruit, veggies, cold meats, cheeses, breads, and deserts.)

          I don't live anywhere close to Oak Ridge or I'd try to help more, but it's a seventy mile drive one way.

          1. re: shallots

            SHallots-thanks for the thought which you put into your're terriffic!

      3. Natture's Market is at 201 Oak Ridge Turnpike, near the intersection of melton Lake Dr and the Turnpike. Their phone number is 865 481 0748. They do incredible cakes and brownies and salads and sandwiches and are near the rowers. Their food is delicious and reasonable

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