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Jun 18, 2009 09:38 AM

The Bronx to Malta NY to Burlington VT

Hey all,

partner and I are heading to Colchester, VT for a 4pm wedding on saturday. Staying overnight, probably in the capital region friday night. Partner can't leave work till afternoon on Friday. Looking for help finding the following

1) Tasty veggie friendly (but not only veggie) dinner somewhere off the Taconic. I don't mind if it's 10-15 minutes away from it, but after traffic on thruway killed a weekend, we are NOT going that way again. Looking a bit on the cheaper side, 60 bucks for the two of us and under.


2) Tasty breakfast/brunch/lunch stuff between Malta/Saratoga Springs and Burlington/Colchester VT. We're either taking the North Way (i-87) to the ferry or Lakeshore Drive/9N.

Love farmers markets for grazing and road snacks. Great diners, funky breakfast places, pancakes, good sandwich shops, local flavor, etc. Looking more american type stuff but am open to amazing local stuff of all varieties.


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  1. MAD in Albany for a funky breakfast. Ravenous or Mrs. Londons in Saratoga Springs. My favorite Malta restaurant, Bloomer's is closed for renovations but don't think they did breakfast. I like The Jonesville Cafe (near Malta) for breakfast.

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      thanksFDR! Your posts on the albany area have helped me for other stuff. Any places south of Albany but nearby that fit that dinner description?

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        Not too good on South of Albany and Vermont. I know Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Saratoga area better (thanks to posts and suggestions from this Board). Is Hudson off the Taconic? If it is you might want to do a search of this Board on Hudson, etc. There are a lot of threads. Once I got off the train in Hudson and we ate at Carolina House. It was good comfort food.