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Jun 18, 2009 09:20 AM

Snoho Cty dining options?

Will be at an afternoon meeting in Monroe area Saturday, hoped to use the opportunity to check out something new (to us) in the vicinity for dinner before heading back to Seattle. My brother swears by Sailfish in Monroe, about the only option I have first-hand info about. Any other recommendations in the Monroe/Snohomish/Bothell-ish region? Or, I guess, even North Seattle since we rarely get that far for dinner.....


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  1. Head a couple miles east of Monroe on Hwy 2 and hit up Old School BBQ. They operate out of a school bus located in front of the Reptile Museum (no funny critters on the menu, though). They offer authentic Texas-style mesquite smoked BBQ with a peppery, not-too-sweet sauce. Standouts are the ribs, chicken, beans and cornbread.