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Jun 18, 2009 09:19 AM

shrimp mistake- precooked- what to do?

I mistakenly bought cooked shrimp instead of raw ones. Any suggestions for what to do with them? Is my only option a shrimp cocktail, or can I actually use them in a dish?


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  1. danielle, this thread from the end of may is exactly what you need!

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    1. Shrimp salad. Either like you'd make tuna salad or just on top of some greens with a vinaigrette

      Shrimp roll. Mix some lemon zest, celery salt and galic into some mayo. Add just enough mayo to bind them together. Serve on a top split hot dog roll that's been toasted on the cut sides.


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      1. Davwud's got a good idea for a shrimp roll. How about a Vietnamese shrimp roll? Make either a nuoc mam or peanut dipping sauce.

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            I did it with crawfish last week and it was awesome.


        1. You surely can cook with them, just gently or they will get tough. I grilled already cooked shrimp the other day. Just enough to get them hot..

          1. oh my gosh, this happened to me. sent my husband to the store, and he came back with cooked shrimp. I was making shrimp curry, and so I went ahead and tried to make do, hoping they'd be okay. They absolutley do not work, shrimp curry needs the fresh shrimp to contribute to the sauce. And I would pretty much say scampi, or bbq shrimp, same thing.

            You can use them for a stir fry, or fried rice. You don't say what dish your making, but if it's a dish where you need to draw flavor from the shrimp's juice, it will not be very flavorful.

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              thanks for this- shrimp curry and scampi were my first two thoughts (back when i thought they were raw). they're off the list now. :-(