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Jun 18, 2009 09:09 AM

MSP - Good places in Brooklyn Park?

Any relatively cheap and casual places to eat that are also decent quality?

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  1. I like Mad Jacks on Brooklyn Blvd, just east of co rd. 81. They have pretty good food, a nice atmosphere and nightly specials.

    There is also a really good Thai place. Lemongrass Thai on 85th, west of hwy 252.

    I also like the Girvan Grill at the Edinburgh golf course.

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      i'll second the girvan grille recommendation. it's on 85th avenue at the golf club. They've got really good nightly specials like 2 for 1 burgers and some $25 dinner deal for 2 people. Check out the prime rib dinner on saturday nights! yum!

    2. Sweet Basil Asian is quite good. Lemongrass Thai also has an excellent reputation.

      If you are willing to drive all the way to Brooklyn Center, Great India is solid, and across the street is my favorite Chinese Buffet - New King's. Also just down Brooklyn Blvd. (into Minneapolis on Osseo Rd.) is Victory 44, which is an awesome gastro-pub-a-ma-call-it. 50s Grill has good shakes and desserts, as well as tolerable burgers and really expensive beer.

      5-8 Club is just across the border into Champlain. It is what it is.

      1. There's an Indian restaurant - Great India - on Shingle Creek Parkway. I haven't been there for a year or so, but the food was very good the last time I was there.

        Better - If you don't mind going "next door" to Maple Grove, I recommend the bare-bones Indian restaurant in the back of CurryUp Foods. Very cheap, very casual, and very good.

        There's anther Indian(?) restaurant in the strip mall across the road, Kabobs & Curry, but I haven't heard anything about it. Two yelpers seemed to like it last year:

        I haven't been to Lemongrass Thai, yet, but it's on my list.

        Also on my list (untried) is Sweet Basil.

        Do please report back on what you try - we need more info on BP restaurants!


        1. Wagner's Drive In on 81, just north of 694. best burgers you'll find around here.

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            Oooohhh... Is that the place by the water-related brou-ha-ha? I've been eyeing that from the highway. If the burgers are good, I'm there.

            1. re: kevin47

              Yes, I think that's the place you've been seeing. I'll second the Wagner's drive-in. Along with the great burgers, their french fries are some of the best I've had in recent years too.

          2. We had Liberian food at Vicky's Place on the corner of Brookdale Drive and Humboldt. Super cheap. Super casual. Very good.


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              Try Rocky Rococo's Pizza. It's the only one here in MN-but I loved it in WI-deep dish pizza y the slice and a great salad bar.