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Jun 18, 2009 08:41 AM

Trip to Memphis...I can almost taste the Q!

We used to go to Memphis all the time to visit family until a few years ago when they moved away. Anyway, we're going back next month and I'm about as psyched as I can be to go to my old BBQ spots. Tell me if I'm missing any good (or new) ones:

3 Little Pigs
Germantown Commissary
Cozy Corner

Yes, been to Corky's, The Rendevous and Interstate many times, they're just not my go to spots. If I hit Q overload which is not very likely I may hit Dyer's for a burger.

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  1. I hear good thing's about Payne's. There are quite a few threads if you search. Happy eating!

    1. It's been touched on many times before, here's a quick rundown.

      BBQ Shop

      1. Payne's is my favorite BBQ sandwich in Memphis. BBQ Shop is incredible, too - great ribs.