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Jun 18, 2009 08:31 AM

Anne Burrell = No pepper?

I have noticed that Anne Burrell has NEVER used black pepper in her cooking show. Whether it be seasoning a steak, roasting vegetables, or making mashed potatoes the pepper is nowhere to be found. She is professionally trained, so who am I to criticize, right? Anyone know if she has a reason for the lack of beautiful ground peppercorns in her cooking or is it just personal preference?
I tune in sometimes in the hope that she might say "I never use pepper because..." but she never does and now it is a great curiosity of mine.

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  1. Anne Burrell has stated often that she doesn't like black pepper, so she doesn't use it. I don't think that she forbids others from using it, so add away!

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    1. re: smtucker

      I'm generally with Anne. I don't care much for black peppercorns, especially cooked, unless they are the focal spicing of a dish (but there, I love them). I don't really get what it has to do with a lot of flavor profiles, especially those with a lot of umami.

      I think it's flavor noise and just too assertive for most things. And the preground stuff? I don't think it even smells or tastes remotely like freshly-ground.

    2. didn't she used to not use salt, or am i "mis-remembering"?

      now, i know she uses it, certainly.

      ps, show producers, can we cut the shocking colors and cluttered set? she by herself is quite a bit going on. the show in its entirety is unsettlingly distracted in tone. then again, maybe it's just me.

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      1. re: alkapal

        Yes, poor Anne. She needs a set decorator like yesterday. And, her show is "secrets of a restaurant chef" - right? Why not a more industrial setting so you really know she's a Pro?

        1. re: stellamystar

          I find her grunts and the use of the word "earl" entertaining.

          1. re: gregb

            lol, those are the things I dislike about her most :-)...that and her non-stop chitter-chatter. I only catch the show occasionally but her constant patter is distracting.

          2. re: stellamystar

            I agree...I think her wardrobe is distracting. I would prefer to see her in a chef's jacket.

            1. re: HungryRubia

              what about her wardrobe is distracting? most of the other chefs on the network don't wear the chef's coat: Giada, Tyler Florence, Flay (in some instances), and Emeril (in some instances). I don't know if Guy Fier or Alton are considered chefs, but they don't wear whites, either, at least I don't think.... Would you prefer all the trained chefs wear coats?

              1. re: eLizard

                Whoa...down boy!
                I just don't care for the bright colors. I don't think all TV chefs should wear chef's coats, but considering the title of the show and her culinary pedigree, I would like to see her in more chefly attire and not trying to look like Giada or Sandra or any of the other "chefs" on the Food Network.

                1. re: HungryRubia

                  first, i'm a girl. second, i meant nothing by it. just asking out of curiousity. sorry if my tone didn't jive with my intentions.

                  but i think giada is a trained chef. or am i wrong.

                  1. re: eLizard

                    the word on giada is that she attended culinary school, but did not graduate from culinary school, and since she has not run a professional kitchen, by definition she cannot be a "chef". (if she'd run a kitchen she could be called "chef").

                    has anyone noticed that giada's speech is becoming more breathless and intimate in tone? i mean, haven't they already sexed her up enough?

                    anne burrell would be flattered by a chef's jacket. her clothes (knit tops, esp.) are too tight and you can see her bra-bulges, straps digging in, etc. i'm not bein' mean, just bein' real.

                    1. re: alkapal

                      Giada did run a catering company and by some definitions she could be called a chef.

                      1. re: alkapal

                        That's exactly why I would prefer to see her in a chef's jacket...I just didn't know how to say it with out sounding petty and snarky.

                        1. re: HungryRubia

                          While I agree with the fact that her current outfits would be better covered by a chef's jacket, I think the purpose of her show (or one of them) is to say "You at home can make food just like restaurant chefs do!" and being in street clothes is less intimidating than her wearing a chef's jacket. She's not cooking in a "restaurant kitchen atmosphere" - the set is, essentially, a "home kitchen"; hence, the street clothes.

                          1. re: LindaWhit

                            Hmm never thought of it that way, Linda.
                            I guess I can see how the audience that FN is going for these days could potentially be intimidated by a chef in a coat. I guess they want to make her more accessible to those folks.

          3. Earlier thread: It seems she just doesn't like it, according to an interview with The Gothamist:

            1. she did make a pepper exception for her carbonara....

              1. She doesn't even allow black pepper in her restaurant.

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                1. re: irishnyc

                  She no longer runs a restaurant.

                  1. re: KTinNYC

                    She owns Centro Vinoteca in NYC.

                    1. re: mels

                      No, she was the chef at Centro Vinoteca and she has now left.


                      1. re: KTinNYC

                        Interesting! I was under the impression she owned it.

                        1. re: mels

                          Leah Cohen from Top Chef is now the Chef de Cuisine at Centro Vinoteca(she was the sous chef)

                          1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                            omg she is the worst. now i don't like anne burrell as much since she obviously hired her...

                            1. re: sarabean

                              Then maybe you don't want to read about what else allegedly happened there .....


                              1. re: C. Hamster

                                ok, i need a shower after that one!!