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Jun 18, 2009 07:57 AM

Bridge House, in Milford CT-OUTSTANDING!!

This is a great little place in Milford, all your favorite dishes with a different flair! We haven't had a single meal there we didn't LOVE! So charming, quiet comfortable atmosphere, Chris is a great bartender, great service from all the staff! A must try.

Bridge House Restaurant
49 Bridgeport Ave, Milford, CT 06460

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  1. We actually ate there last night and all 4 of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals. It's a little pricey for being a "gastropub," but it is definitely a worthwhile destination. BTW..Chris is the owner!

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    1. re: lsnhc

      Would be great to hear some details on what you ate and enjoyed if it's worth a trip for those of us not from your area (and those who are, too). Thanks!

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Since you asked:
        I had the house salad - really not your typical "house salad" - really excellent and the 3 meat meatloaf which was delicious
        My wife had the caesar salad (a very competent versions) and the ahi tuna sandwich on foccacia. Honestly, this was the least favorite dish - okay but nothing special.
        Son #1 had an entree salad: Crumbled Veal, Fried Eggplant, Arugula, Fennel, Ricotta, Tomato & Pepper. As weird as it sounds, it was absolutely delicious.
        Son #2 had the spring pea soup which was both gorgeous to look at and very good and the chicken pot pie, which was a very nice version.

        1. re: lsnhc

          Cats are curious--I'm no exception. ;) Thanks for the scoop. It's good to know about the ahi tuna because it's something my dining companion would probably have an eye on, now we'll know to seek other options when we go. I was looking at the spring pea soup on their menu--glad to hear it and the other dishes were so great. Their menu is creative and I'm going to stop looking at it till we have a date set to go 'cause it's making me hungry. Another destination for the dining list!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            I have had lunch at the Bridge House twice and will be returning. My first visit I had the Onion Soup Emilia-Romagna, more like a stew than a soup. It was very good, but the serving was more like a sample size. I don't think it is still on the menu. I also had the Caesar Salad, lunch size was huge... love the croutons! My second visit I had the Pepper Crusted Steak Sandwich, Gorgonzola, Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Mayo and I cleaned my plate... really great sandwich!!
            Friendly staff and pleasant surroundings, although the booths felt a little cramped and the tables a little high. Take a table by the window.

    2. We went to the Bridge House yesterday for lunch. I should have reread this post instead of the other one I found when I searched.

      Specifically to lsnhc, you and I are on the same page on this restaurant. You mentioned this place is pricey for what you get and on that point I agree wholeheartedly. Not to say the food isn't good--but it's not quite worth the price given other places we could have had lunch and been just as happy.

      I loved the fresh spring pea soup--it was excellent and was presented beautifully. Not sure you'll pick up on it in the photo, but there were delicious pieces of smoked shredded chicken in the middle of the bowl. Very different and very nicely done.

      My dining companion started with a cup of seafood chowder. It was the creamy variety (which I prefer). It was tasty, but didn't seem nearly as generous a portion as my pea soup unless it was an optical illusion because mine was served in a large, shallow bowl.

      It wasn't super busy--we got there around 1:30 or so. There was a large party (about 12 people) near the window, another couple and us...and eventually one more couple. Not sure why at least 10 minutes went by from ordering to getting the soup...also, no bread or anything to munch on as we waited. It would have been nice to have bread to dunk in my soup. Oh, well!

      Not to blow my own horn, their meatloaf is really good and I say this because it tastes very similar to mine in both taste and texture (and I've refined my recipe since my teen years when I first learned to make it). I really enjoyed the flavor and how moist it was. I had it as a sandwich. When I ordered it, the waiter said it was such a big sandwich that I'd probably wind up taking half home. That set a certain expectation with me. I have to say (see picture) there was more bun going on than meatloaf. I NEVER slice meatloaf that thin at home. It was kind of skimpy for a $10 sandwich. And eating half and being full was simply out of the question. I got rid of most of the bun and just enjoyed the meatloaf.

      Sides are great, by the way, and again brought to mind good, solid home cooking. The potato salad tasted just like my Mom's. The side salad was different and tasty--kind of a deconstructed BLT with pieces of bacon in it.

      My dining companion ordered the ahi tuna sandwich (my memory failed me having read this thread a couple of weeks ago without revisiting it--I'm kicking myself, lshnc!). It was tasty and different, but not mindblowing. I also think for $14, it was somewhat on the skimpy side as well.

      I just noticed our waiter was "Chris," too...very friendly guy, I agree. I guess he's a jack-of-all-trades--not unusual when you're running your own show.

      I don't live in the Milford area--it's at least a 45-minute drive from home to get there for me. And I say this because, while the food was good, for the overall price to portion of food (just under $50 for our meals plus a glass of wine each), I won't be in a big hurry to get back. Their weeknight prix-fixe deals may be a better option for locals--for what we paid for lunch, you could enjoy a starter, main and dessert for about what we paid. And I'm guessing dinner portions are larger than lunch.

      In any case, for those who are not from the area, Silver Sands State Park is just two exits away from the Bridge House and if you check the tide tables (3 hours prior to low tide), you have a chance to walk out to an island on a land bridge that exposes. It's a nice walk before or after lunch.

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        I've attached the rest of the photos here. Note how thin that slice of meatloaf is!

        In response to this thread's OP re the Bridge House experience, I think "OUTSTANDING!!" is a big word for this place. The food is good, has a home cooking vibe and is served in a pleasant atmosphere. But "OUTSTANDING!!" (or "You'll only be able to eat half the sandwich!") sets my expectations high. The most mindblowing aspect of our visit to the Bridge House was the fact you can spend almost $50 for lunch and the portions are not that generous.

        Chowhounds, is Bin 100 a better deal/experience than this place in your opinion?

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Some think $10 is way too much for a good hamburger and you received the equivalent of a measly hamburger that was cheapened with fillers! Unless you think meatloaf is superior to a good hamburger it seems like a raw deal (even though it only comes well-done).
          If I were a hamburger I'd be steamed by the comparison.

          1. re: Scargod

            Their burgers are delicious! And served with (for about $10) delicious thin and crisp fried onion strings and the nice chopped salad- BLT with bleu cheese. We get takeout burgers from BridgeHouse on a fairly regular basis b/c we live close, but haven't been as happy with the in-restaurant experience because of poor/inconsistent service and value for the dollar.

            1. re: JenJeninCT

              I agree with the OP the Bridge House is outstanding. At lunch today we ordered the seafood chowder which now ranks right up there in my top 2! Our waiter, Patrick, explained it was really a clam chowder and boy was it loaded with clams... awesome! Next we split the crab cake appetizer served with a cucumber salad and loved that as well... all crab no fillers. The cucumber salad was a really nice complement. With an eye towards having leftovers, ordered the meatloaf sandwich... again no fillers, moist, a very generous portion served warm on a nice roll. Brought most of it home... lunch tomorrow!
              They ought to take that chowder to the RI Chowder Festival next year!

              1. re: MerryKerry

                It is nice to know that you had a generous portion. I am still on the fence about going and seeing for myself.
                I would add that meatloaf is not meatloaf without fillers...

                1. re: Scargod

                  Actually, that's a good point--meatloaf without fillers is a hamburger! And crabcakes without fillers is, well, a bunch of crab on a plate, I suspect (else, what holds it together?). In any case, glad to see other portions were more generous than mine. I say, as usual, a picture is worth the proverbial thousand words.

        2. We had a great meal at Bridge House last night. We went with intentions of sitting in the bar and getting hamburgers(I have a business a few blocks away, and we live close, so I get their delicious burgers as previously posted in this thread, to bring home after work occasionally). All that flew out the window fairly quickly when the bar was full and we were seated in the main dining area(with the exception of 1-2 empty tables, it was also full for the duration of our meal- got there around 7:30, left around 9). Its been at least a year since we "ate in" at Bridge House, and the last experience wasn't great, especially in regards to service, but to some extent, the food as well.

          Service was polite and earnest, although slightly slow for things to be delivered once ordered(to be fair, it was busy and they were obviously a bit short- staffed. Our waiter Patrick-a real pro in the art of wait service- had a trainee shadowing him). Water and delicious, warm, crusty and seeded bread with room temperature honey butter(nothing peeves me more than cold bread with cold butter!), were presented almost immediately upon seating, along with our drink order taken (Pinot grigio for me- ($6), and Sam Adams Octoberfest for him- don't remember the price).

          It was maybe 10 minutes for drinks to come and our food order to be taken. We shared the crab cake app($12)-2 smallish crab cakes- delicious, with just enough filler to hold them together, and accented by a shaved cucumber and red onion salad that tasted just like my grandmother's, except with a healthy kick of heat. My main course was seared diver scallops($22) with what was described as saffron risotto with tomato broth. Oh my, how delicious and what a beautiful presentation! A rectangular plate with a bed of risotto, ringed by the tomato "broth"(more like a reduction- sooo good!) and herb oil, topped with 4 very large and perfectly seared scallops(what I would call "medium rare" inside- perfect, IMO). I didn't really taste saffron in the risotto, but it was delicious nonetheless. My SO had the pulled pork plate($16 or $18), served with pit beans, fennel slaw and two generous pieces of warm cornbread. Everything on his plate was very good- he declared the beans the best he ever had.It was made with white beans, and loaded with meat and sausage. The "gravy" was thin but very tasty. I've had better pulled pork, but it was very good. The fennel slaw was a different and delicious twist on the classic, and the cornbread was tender and tasty. The main thing that was astounding to both of us is that every bite of both of our meals was absolutely perfectly seasoned, requiring not a single shake of salt or pepper. In fact, we noticed that there are no salt and pepper shakers on any of the tables. I can't remember another meal in my entire life that I didn't shake at least a little salt on. As we both pretty much cleaned our plates (if i had been home, I might have licked mine!), we passed on dessert. Total for the meal before tip, including 2 glasses of Pinot and 2 Sam Adams was $77.

          The Mon-Fri Prix fixe menu is a great deal, but is an early bird special kind of thing, served from 3:30-5:30. Includes a glass of wine(including my decent pinot), salad or soup, appetizer, entree (including both of our entrees) and dessert. Quite a deal!

          We won't wait so long to "eat in" again!

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          1. re: JenJeninCT

            It sounds good, especially since they were busy. Cold bread and cold butter is a pet peeve of mine also, as well as no bread till way later, or you have to ask for it. There is no excuse for cold, hard butter.
            What exactly are pit beans? Did you mean a Q sauce for the pulled pork, when you said gravy or was it for something else?
            I think we are going to have to give them a try.

            1. re: Scargod

              Sorry for the confusion. The gravy refers to the sauce in the beans. The "Pit beans" are the Bridge House's version of baked beans(don't know if they are baked, I would expect the sauce to be thicker if they were). The pork came sauced with a different, but complimentary sauce than the beans. Perfectly sauced, for our taste- lightly coated, with no pool of excess sauce on the plate. No additional Q sauce for the pork was offered or needed.
              I know we can expect a full report when you go.

              1. re: JenJeninCT

                I dunno, JenJen--your report seemed pretty "full" to me. :) If I were a local, I might try to get there early to take advantage of the prix fixe menu--it does sound like a great deal.

            2. re: JenJeninCT

              Do you know the price of the prix fixe menu?

              1. re: happyaroma

                $21, so for a dollar less than my entree by itself, a fantastic deal.

                1. re: JenJeninCT

                  Are you sure of the hours of the prix fixe menu? Their website says they don't open for dinner until 5PM. (And no mention of a prix fixe there, either.)

                  1. re: rbailin

                    Well, I'm sure that's what the large sign in the foyer said! Whether they are actually open those hours, I couldn't tell you. I promised my SO I'd pick up burgers after work Tues night, since we got distracted on our last visit, so I will look (and ask) again. Or you could call them.

                    1. re: rbailin

                      I went for the early bird special tonight... offered Tuesday thru Friday, 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Lunch is a great deal too!!! I arrived at 5:15 p.m. and told the server my intention, but was waiting for a friend to arrive. My friend arrived at 5:35 p.m and the server told us if we ordered right away she could get us in for the early bird! Nice touch!!!!
                      The food was wonderful as I have come to expect now on more than a dozen visits.
                      I really like this place... I am enjoying eating my way thru their menu and the people are so friendly. My absolute favorite is their seafood chowder!! I have never had a bad meal here... understatement, they have all been wonderful! If I had to pick a favorite... so far it would be the Pepper Crusted Steak Sandwich, Gorgonzola, Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Mayo and the Lemon Scented Chicken, Herb Scented Risotto.

              2. I have to agree that the Bridge House is outstanding. My husband and I like to go there but honestly don't go to often due to the fact it is a little pricey. But so worth it! We were there just last night and once again left happy and delighted.

                What I love most is the seasonal menu. While they do have some standbys that are wonderful it's refreshing to go into a place that has their menu change with the seasons. I had hoped to order the braised short ribs last night but found out it was off the menu and ended up going with the pork chop special that came with spinach and apple, sweet potato, bacon hash. The pork chop was cooked in cider and well I was in food heaven. Oh my pork chop was huge, like 2 inches or more thick. cooked to perfection of my request of medium rare and the meat melted in my mouth. My husband had a wonderful sesame tuna with bok choy.

                We had started with our favorite app , which is the Calamari two ways. We ended dinner with coffee drinks and a creme brulee to share as we were both rather stuffed. Usually I have to have the bread pudding there. That is a little bowl of heaven.

                My only complaint is the pint glasses seem to be getting smaller while the price remains the same.

                I can't imagine going there for a burger unless your going to sit at the bar and enjoy a pint and watch a game. Honestly , when my husband and I do that we head over to Seven Sea's. Yes a totally different atmosphere but hey if you want a nice dinner out go to Bridge House. A great simple burger cooked to order and a pint poured to perfection, Seven Sea's.