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Jun 18, 2009 07:51 AM

Father's Day Fried Chicken Take-Out

My father is, sadly, bedridden and has one request for Father's Day...Fried Chicken! We will be making the sides but would love to get suggestions about where to pick up a mess of fried chicken. They live around LIncoln Center, but i am willing to go any where in nyc to get him what he wants. Thoughts? TIA.

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    1. It's nothing fancy at all...but on the UWS I actually really like the fried Chicken at Manhattan Diner. (77th and broadway). Nothing else on the menu is all the great, but considering all the delivery places on the UWS, that is personally one of the better ones to me.

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        Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill - Close too!!!!
        308 W. 58th St., nr. Eighth Ave.; 212-397-0404

      2. Agree on Blue Ribbon.. it is great, it is also EXPENSIVE.

        Take out is a good way to go from Bon Chon on 32nd and 5th. A big bucket of Korean Fried Chicken will make your dad's day

        1. Also semi in the area is Harriet's Kitchen. 84th and Amsterdam. They are more known for their burgers, but they also have decent fried chicken. I usually get it cold and take it to the park when I'm too lazy to make my own. Not the most flavorful, but pretty close, and they might even deliver to th LC area.
          Rack and Soul has slightly better fried chicken, but I doubt they deliver down to there.
          I'll have to check out Manhattan Diner for the fried chicken. Always looking for somewhere to get it instead of covering my relatively small kitchen with hot grease.

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          1. re: UWSEater

            whole foods does a good job with fried chicken.

            or spoonbread too on 110th street for terrific fried chicken!