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Jun 18, 2009 07:38 AM

Mississauga buffet?

This may be a bit too late for father's day (this sunday!) but may help me for future events with my dad. Any recommendations for someone for a dinner or lunch in Mississauga (preferably the South-East - prefer not Meadowvale/etc) or South Etobicoke?

My dad likes places like the Mandarin and Tucker's Marketplace and loves meat, whereas I am vegetarian and live in Toronto (and avoid big chain restaurants when possible) - I love Indian food and Thai food and healthy-ish stuff, though I do love a good cheesy pasta dish on occasion.

This may be impossible, though I know some of you love a challenge! Are there any ideas on lunch/dinner places in the areas above that may somewhat satisfy both of us? Or anywhere in the GTA?

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  1. Though I've never been, this place seems to get decent reviews on the board:

    If it needs to be a buffet, maybe this is your best bet, so that you can at least avoid somewhere like Mandarin and Tucker's. It's a buffet, there's meat, and probably vegetarian dishes for you. Then again, it is Father's Day, so you might as well suffer your dad's picks... at least for the one meal :-)

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      Thanks! I think my dad loves greek food so that might be a good option.

      It doesn't have to be buffet, necessarily.

      Yes, for this sunday I think I may have to suck it up and go to Tucker's Marketplace since it is his day and all....but for future events, it would be nice to have some options that may satisfy both of us! And make it worth the money as well - especially for a buffet, it just doesn't make sense to pay a lot for something where I won't be able to eat much of it (ie. Mandarin). That greek place looks like it might have enough options for me to actually make it worth it! Thanks!

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        No it won't. But the hummus and desserts are good, you can have a dish of lima beans on top of rice, so go for lunch on a week day when it is cheaper and just grin and bear it.