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Jun 18, 2009 06:57 AM

Mojave Grille, Westfield

Considering Mojave Grille and Sweetwaters for a nice birthday dinner this weekend. Comments on either/both? Not interested in Theresa's. Love Aquavivadellafontana but want to try something new. MG menu looks yummy. TIA.

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  1. MG is good but it's nothing special. Service has always been good. If you want to try something really nice and different in the area go over to Cranford and check out A Toute Heure in Centennial Village. Or also close by to Westfield is Le Rendezvous in Kenilworth. I just think if the dinner is for something like a B-Day you may want something a little more special.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      We also love A Toute Heure, but if there's a downside to the place, it's the noise. There is no such thing as a "romantic" dinner there, nor one where you can talk quietly. As far as Mojave Grill is concerned, it's good but the quality of the good is nowhere near ATH. Wherever you end up, have a great time.

      1. re: jnk

        I think I will have to agree (somewhat) with the non-romantic comment, it is a very bright open space so depending upon the time and crowd you may be right. About the noise level, I would agree without hesitating until something amazing happened the last time we were there, the French doors on the front were opened and the noise level was cut way way way down, not as much surface to bounce off I guess?

      2. re: Spiritchaser

        I agree with Spirit. Le Rendezvous is very romantic. Mojave has great food, but more of a laid back, casual setting. Nothing special. I have never been to Sweetwaters.

        A Toute I only went 2 times, and both times I thought the food was missing something, salt maybe? I don't know, I just never cared for the place.

        Happy Birthday!