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Jun 18, 2009 06:55 AM


just back from a 3 week vacation in Greece. Generally the food was quite good but i wanted to mention one restaurant in particualr in Athens-Logia tis Ploris ;
the food was of the highest quality and the service was wonderful- if the restaurant were in New York City-i it would arguably be the best Greek restaurant in New York.
Our total bill for a a full meal ( Red mullet Fish as main course) was $61 for two people.
Our overall trip included Paros, Santorini, Crete , Lefkada and Athens.

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  1. I looked at the website for Logia tis Ploris but couldn't figure out much about the menu or the location. We'll be in Athens in December. Could you share some of your dining experiences in Athens? Many thanks.

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      The website has the street address and the phone number-show the addres to a taxi driver or when you call for reservation ask directions from your hotel-the restaurant is near the central areas of Athens
      As for what to order -look at pictures on website BUT when you get there ask what fish are in that day-take owner's advice-the specialities are fish dishes.
      I'll reply later with other restaurants-i have to look up name and area.

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        In Monastiraki try Thanasis-the best gyros we found in Greece.

    2. Tell me more -- am going to be in Athens for 2 nights, 1 day on the tail end of my upcoming trip (Istanbul, Santorini, Athens). Also curious which neighborhoods of Athens you found best for lively and delicious dining options?

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        The best in Athens is the Logia which i already recommended. In the central area Monastiraki definitely try Thanasis for the best gyros in Greece. Unfortunately too many restaurants in Athens have identical food -the difference at Logia is the quality.