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Jun 18, 2009 06:52 AM

Silver Spring recs

We'll be staying in Silver Spring for a family wedding at the end of June. Though I imagine we'll spend a fair amount of time in DC, I'm wondering if there are any stand-out places in Silver Spring itself. Our hotel is in downtown SS--Fenton St. We like many different types of food, but are not keen on steakhouses or sushi. Any info or recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. For the high end, there is Ray's The Classics, for the decent meal there is the Mexican restaurant, Mi Rancho, both within walking distance of your hotel.

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      I second Ray's the Classics, though it is a steakhouse (but with a lot of non-steakhouse dishes).

      Jackie's on Georgia is decent modern American, Addis Ababa on Fenton @ Thayer is very good Ethiopian. Cevice at City Place is inconsistent, but the namesake dish as well as pork belly are very good. Lots of chains at CityPlace, so beware.

      Not a fan of Mi Rancho.

    2. You can get some good Ethiopian food at Addis Ababa on Fenton St. I also recommend Jackie's, Ray's the Classics, Nicaro, and Crisfields (fish and great fried chicken)

      1. Ghar-e-Kabab on Wayne Ave. is very good Indian/Nepali. It's probably just around the corner from your motel, just across the street from the Wayne Ave. garage. The lunch buffet is excellent--not a lot of items, but each one is well-prepared and fresh. I

        1. Negril has good jamacian food for lunch, is dirt cheap. great chicken sandwich and great banana bread.

          1. Thanks to everyone for these recommendations. It'll take the pressure off having to go back and forth into DC.