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Jun 18, 2009 06:48 AM

Favorite cole slaw/pasta salad to go?

Does anyone have a favorite place to buy one of these BBQ side dishes for camping? I was going to make some, but I'm also making a bunch of other things and would rather just pick this up.
Looking in Boston/Cambriville.

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  1. My taste buds are usually more refined that this.....but, for slaw and pasta salad... here goes !! I love the slaw at KFC...Its not huge chunks, right sweetness, very digestable. And for pasta....I love old fashioned macaroni salad from the supermarket. Although I generally buy it from Whole Foods (making it a bit mor gourmand :)

    For some reason when it comes to BBQ, I just love the old fashioned stuff I grew up on, like the aforementioned. And the biscuits at KFC...... ooh, don't get me started !

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      I was hoping someone knew of maybe a mom and pop shop that made their own and would recommend.

      1. re: CityPork

        Sorry for replying without looking at your area of interest. Soundbites on Broadway in Somerville has great sides...slaw and pasta/potato salad. There's Blue Ribbon BBQ on Mass Arlington, and in Newton. There's the S&S deli in Cambridge and Redbones in Somerville. I realize some of this skirts your area, but are really just a street or so away. Most quality butcher shops will also carry slaw and mac salad.

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          I forgot about Wings They have a few locations, I think Allston and Somerville. I had the wings at someones house for a party ...they were great. They have slaw and mac salad. A lot of places that have slaw do not have mac salad, only potato. Check the www for the location for you.
          Good luck. PS: I found many delis and BBQ places do not really make their own slaw/salads....many are the "food service" products. Again, if in a pinch you could always hit Whole Foods...there's one off memorial dr. on River St., and one by Mass ave, and of course fresh pond.