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Jun 18, 2009 06:33 AM

Truffles suggestions

Going to Truffles on july 2 to try out their fixed price menu - $39 for 2 menu items or $49 for 3 choices. I haven't been there in YEARS - but I figured since it will be closing down once the hotel moves that I should take advantage of the great deal on offer. I assume it's still a lovely, old fashioned-fancy dining experience.

I do not eat meat or dairy...but do eat fish. My hubby eats everything.


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  1. Lats night, my companion had the sweetbreads for a starter and gave me a taste - we both thought they were delicious. I had the asparagus salad which was pleasant enough but nothing special. As you both eat fish one of you might like to try the raw fish starter called kampapachi crudo I wish now I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my sweet and juicy scallops but my companion thought her halibut was a little on the dry side though redeemed by a splendid sauce. It's a pleasantly quiet room with tables far apart and the service is excellent. I think you should have an enjoyable and not too expensive evening there.

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      Yes - the raw fish starter looks delish! Did yo usee anyone having the beet salad? That also looks yummy. Good to know re the scallops vs the halibut. I wonder if they can make the scallops without the chorizo for me.

      Was the dining room busy? I'm hoping not to be the only one in there.....very often hotel restos are extremely quiet and this can get creepy. You feel as though you are "on show" for the waitstaff.

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        Hi jrabbit2727,
        When we went on Wednesday the restaurant was full enough to have people around you but not intruding on you However, not all the tables were occupied.. Somebody else seems to have had problems with the service but that wasn't true when we went. Everything flowed smoothly throughout.

    2. Here's my suggestion, cancel your reservation and head somewhere else. I went last night, as a last minute booking for my girlfriends bday, who is a chocolate souffle fiend.

      It started off well with the chocolate souffle being presented first as a kind of bday surprise, it was ok, but nothing compared to graces.

      Then followed a parade of mediocre dishes, bad service and boring wine to the tune of over $200 dollars for two apps, two mains and two desserts with a $50 bottle of wine.

      - Foie Gras two ways - terrine was ok, the seared lobe was both over seared and small, possibly the worst rendition I have ever had of it

      - Asparagus salad, actually pretty good, white and green asparagus, white anchovies and some citrus made for an interesting combo of flavours

      -lamb loin - no flavour, unnappealing texture and matched by uninspired sides.

      -Grilled Salmon on top of lentils - a very competent dish actually, flaky, moist salmon properly grilled on a bed of delish lentils.

      Service - I thougth service was supposed to be exceptional here, certainly by some of the reviews posted by Estufarian and others. Over 20 minutes to wait for a water refill, over 15 minutes to wait for our wine to come after we ordered it, over 20 minutes wait for them to take our order.

      Not impressed in the least and this will probably be the last time I ever go to a hotel resto.

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        Wow. That's not good. Did you complain? If so...what did they do?

        I know the Four Seasons prides itself on providing the best in service - that's what their whole brand is all about. I also know that they claim to always beleive that the customer is I'd be interested to know how they handled your displeasure.

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          Have to admit I haven't been there for about a year now.
          I'm tempted to give them another try - the service has almost always been excellent for me, although the food was sometimes boring.
          For my 'special' occasions I switched to Splendido - and haven't regretted it.

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            Sorry to say, but I agree. Where else to go at that price point, though? (Does anyone think the prix fixe is decent/good value, even given these problems?)