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Jun 18, 2009 06:30 AM

restaurant week summer 2009 dare I try again?

July 12-31 of course rw is often more disappointments than exhilarations but I have had some consistant delights. of course Grammercy Tavern and Spice Market . I see a few new additions to list. Anyone know anything about these or other recs for this summer : Yuva (Indian) Tolouche (mexican), Persephone (greek) Apiary (east village) thanks

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  1. I think you meant Toloache not Tolouche?

    There's been quite a least one Apiary threads on CH, I think:

    See also these reviews from last RW - I personally would recommend Union Square Cafe or The Bar Room at the Modern (or any other Danny Meyer restaurant):

    NB: Gramercy Tavern is only participating in a lunch prix fixe July 13-17. Not the full 3 weeks of RW.

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      1. Apiary's $35 3-course prix-fixe is available on a regular basis Mon.-Thurs,, so I don't see the point of going there during RW. Same goes for any place that offers a lunch prix fixe all year round that is the same or very close to the RW $24 cost. There are quite a few of those, including Tocqueville, Bar Breton, and Allegretti.

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            did u get in i called late today all booked

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              grammercy tzavern wonderful as always